—The Disciples are holding religious services in their accustomed place of meeting, in the hall above the post office, every evening this week and continue over Sunday, by W. W. Hayden. The meetings are lively and interesting. The discourses on “the Bible, as a rule of faith and practice,” “the Divine Creed,” and “the basis of the church,” were listened to with marked attention. The Disciples are eminently a Bible people. Whatever that book teaches they gladly accept and with great clearness and power do they urge it upon others. Go and hear for yourself.
Lansingburgh Courier. March 3, 1876: 3


This denomination of Christians has been alluded to by us frequently as being located over the postoffice. Since its organization the membership of this body has increased steadily, until now their numbers will amount to 40 members. Rev. Mr. Hayden has been conducting the meetings for the past three weeks, and five have been added to the church during that time.
Lansingburgh Courier. March 24, 1876: 3 col 4.