The Free Methodist church was organized at Whipple hall, October 15, 1867. That year a house of worship was erected on Ann street, south of Elizabeth street [Sixth Avenue, south of 116th Street]. The Rev. George E. Ferrin was the first pastor of this church.
Weise, Arthur J. History of the Seventeen Towns of Rensselaer County: From the Colonization of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck to the Present Time. Troy, N.Y: Francis & Tucker, 1880.


The present pastor of this church, Rev. David Dempsey, found both congregation and structure in a sad plight when first appointed to the charge. Hard labor and steady, persevering effort has wrought many changes, until now the audiences at the Free Methodist Church are quite as orderly as at any house of worship. Eight persons have become connected with this body during the past four months, some of whom are colored people. Mr. Dempsey has been pastor of this church for eighteen months, having two other charges besides the one at Lansingburgh. There will be a quarterly meeting of this denomination at West Township, [Town of Knox,] Albany county, commencing on the 13th of April and continuing over Sabbath.
Lansingburgh Courier. March 24, 1876: 3 col 4.

—The little congregation of Free Methodists, on Ann street, are getting along nobly in their zealous efforts to sustain their church. The meetings are earnest, and under the direction of Rev. D. Dempsey this church will, we think, increase in numbers greatly.
“Religious.” Lansingburgh Courier. August 4, 1876: 3 col 2.

—Rev. W. H. Clark has been appointed to the charge of the Free Methodist Church of this village, to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Rev. David Dempsey to another place.
“Religious.” Lansingburgh Courier. October 13, 1876: 3 col 2.