Garb of Nurses.

Not only will the nurses of the Leonard Hospital be dressed alike within the confines of the building, but will be garbed alike when they make their daily journey from the Nurses’ Home on 113th Street to the hospital, a block away. Twentysix new wraps of navy blue with red lining and the letters L. H. in gold on the sleeve, in addition to navy blue hats, were worn by the student nurses yesterday afternoon.
Troy Times. March 2, 1927: 3 col 2.

Nurses’ Home Ready for Occupancy. […]
Announcement was made that the nurses’ home at 113th Street and Sixth Avenue, scene of a disastrous fire last winter and lately rebuilt, would be ready for occupancy today. this is the first time in the history of the organization that such a uniform has been furnished for the nurses.
Times Record. September 21, 1937: 11 col 1.

By locating staff members in the new property, overcrowded conditions at the hospital nurses’ home at 113th Street and Sixth Avenue will be relieved, Mr. Twining said. General duty nurses will continue to be housed at the nurses home.
Times Record. January 4, 1939: 11 col 1.