—A certificate of the formation of the Harderfold fabric company wasfiled to-day in the county clerk’s office. The trustees are William A. Harder of Lansingburgh, Charles A. Brown of Troy and Barrington Lodge of Albany. The capital stock is $90,000. The company will manufacture clothing and underclothing in this city.
“City Notes.” Troy Daily Times. July 19, 1890: 3 col 2.

Harderfold Hygienic Underwear Wear Harderfold Hygienic Underwear and you have warmth without excessive heat. The inter-air-space created by two-fold garments keeps you warm with less weight than a single heavy garment and represents the science of health as applied to underclothing. Air is Life. Harderfold surrounds your body with air, the most complete non-conductor of Heat.  The body retains its natural heat, and colds and rheumatism are prevented. Over eleven hundred (1,100) physicians, representing every state and territory in the Union, unite in endorsing the sanitary principle of inter-air-space embodied in the Harderfold Hygienic Underwear. The Harderfold goods are made in four styles or weight, as follows: A-Summer Weight, B-Spring and Autumn. C-Winter Weight. D-Extra Heavy. Send for catalogue Harderfold Fabric Co. 158 River St. Troy, N. Y.

“Harderfold Hygienic Underwear.” Cosmopolitan 34(2). December 1902.

A gentleman returning from riding noticed his groom putting two blankets on his horse, and asked: "Why do you put that second blanket on the horse in this hot weather?"  The man replied: "To prevent him from taking cold.  The outer blanket absorbs the moisture, leaving the under blanket perfectly dry." The Harderfold Underwear does for the man what the two blankets do for the horse-it is two-fold, and the only sanitary underwear manufactured.

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