(Formerly the Nassau Female Institute.)

THIS INSTITUTE was originally established at Nassau, and there obtained such a measure of patronage and public favor, that it was deemed necessary and advisable to remove it to some larger place, in order to meet the requirements of its patrons, thus opening its advantages to a still larger circle of friends. The next Term of this Institution therefore opens at the village of Lansingburgh, on the FIRST WEDNESDAY IN NOVEMBER NEXT, and therefore may be regarded as permanently established at that place.

Board, washing, lights and fuel, including tuition for the regular course, may be procured in the family of the Principal for $150 per annum and $75 per term, payable one half in advance and the remainder at the close of the term. No pupil will be received for less than one term.—No allowance will be made for the absence of pupils, except in cases of sickness.PER QUARTER.—Music, with use of Piano, $10; Drawing, with use of copies $5; Painting $8; Latin $5; Greek $5; German $5; French $5; Spanish $5; Italian $5, Day tuition from $4 to $6 per quarter for Regular Course.
☞ All applications to be made to Rev. S. HATCH, Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County N. Y.
Lansingburgh Democrat. December 25, 1851: 3 col 3.

☞ There are now 140 pupils in attendance at the Female Seminary in this city.—Troy Times.
In the palmy days of the Troy Female Seminary, 300 and 400 was not an unusual number of scholars to find assembled there. What has caused this falling off? At the present time, the Lansingburgh Female Seminary is crowded in every nook and corner with scholars, and a large number of applicants for admission have been turned away for want of more room. The number of scholars daily in attendance is about 175. And yet the Seminary here in the hands of Rev. S. Hatch, is not yet two years old.
Lansingburgh Democrat. November 24, 1853: 2 col 5.

☞ We understand that Prof. Hatch has sold out one half of his interest in the Lansingburgh Female Seminary to Rev. Mr. Janes, formerly of the State Street Methodist Church, in Troy. This step was rendered necessary on account of the failing health of Prof. Hatch.
Lansingburgh Democrat. March 8, 1855: 2 col 3.