Restaurants from Lansingburgh’s history

Badass Burrito, 443 Fifth Avenue

The Boradaile

499 House, 499 Second Avenue

Grandview Grove, 120th Street near Seventh Avenue

Shamrock Grill, First Avenue and 113th Street

Sunset Inn, Fifth Avenue and Northern Drive

Village Inn, River Road, Pleasantdale

Willow Tea Room, 124 Leversee Road

Alumni Grill, 4 Northern Drive
Anatolia, 880 Second Avenue
Anderson’s Dairy Barn, 150 Speigletown Road
Anthony’s Pizza, 7 Northern Drive
Brass Lantern, 150 Speigletown Road
Bubba’s Chicken and Ribs, 7 Northern Drive
Bull’s Head, Batestown
Cafe Caliente, 610 Second Avenue
Chubby’s Subs, 535 Fifth Avenue
Colonial Restaurant, 880 Second Avenue
Dan-Jo-Mattey’s, 647 Second Avenue
Deet’s Fish Fry, 857 Fifth Ave
5th Avenue Diner, 356 Fifth Avenue
Germania Hall, 309 Third Avenue
Guido’s New Yorker Pizzeria, 31 Northern Drive
Helen and Fred’s Pizza Bar-Restaurant, Second Ave and 117th Street
Henry’s Restaurant, 664 Fifth Avenue
Horseshoe Inn, River Road, Pleasantdale
Hot & Cold Subs
Jim’s Pizzeria, 647 Second Avenue
Labombard’s Pizza & Italian, 794 Fifth Avenue
Lion’s Den, 596 Second Avenue
Lombardi’s North, 312 Oakwood Avenue
Mustang BBQ, 472 Fifth Avenue
Muzzine’s Pizza, 150 Speigletown Road
OB’s Fish Fry, 855 Fifth Avenue
Old Daley Inn, 499 Second Avenue
Pip’s Athletic Lounge
Pompiere’s Pizzeria, 310 Oakwood Avenue
Second Ave Pizza & Wings
Sue’s Place, 668 Second Avenue
Sunset Grill, Fifth Avenue
Thai Spice Picnic Garden, 4 Northern Drive
Trader Ed’s Nautical Pub and Restaurant, 630 Second Avenue
Uncle George’s Grill, 328 Fifth Avenue

Chain restaurants from Lansingburgh’s history

Dairy Queen, 886 Fifth Avenue
McDonald’s, Second Avenue
Pizza Hut, 260 Fifth Avenue
Quizno’s, 849 Second Avenue

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Current Restaurants (2018)
Ted’s Fish Fry, 350 Second Avenue
Liberty Pizza, 375 Fifth Avenue
Graham’s Lansingburgh Cafe, 469 Fifth Avenue
Testo’s, 853 Fourth Avenue
Verdile’s, 572 Second Avenue
Forty-One Sports Bar & Grille, 41 112th Street
B-Rad’s Catering, 309 Third Avenue
New Beijing of Troy, 849 Second Avenue
Spring Garden, 472 Second Avenue
Sunny Wok, 886 Fifth Avenue
Jimmy’s Pizzeria, 475 Fifth Avenue
Knuckle Sandwiches, 535 Fifth Avenue
Snowman, 531 Fifth Aveenue
Fresh Grille & Chicken Gourmet
Buca Pizza, 310 Oakwood Avenue
Rustic Barn Pub, 850 Speigletown Road

Chain Restaurants (2018)
Hot Dog Charlie’s, 472 Fifth Avenue
Mr. Subb, 463 Second Avenue
Dunkin’ Donuts, 849 Second Avenue
Pizza Hut, 849 Second Avenue
Subway, 849 Second Avenue
Burger King, 851 Second Avenue
Dunkin’ Donuts, 310 Oakwood Avenue

Batestown (2018) (Batestown was part of the Town of Lansingburgh from 1807 to 1836)
Happy Lunch, 827 River Street
Euro-Delicacies, 3301 Sixth Avenue
Kennedy Chicken & Pizza, 908 River Street