Frear Park is partly in the Middleburgh section of Troy and partly in Batestown, the latter having been part of the Town of Lansingburgh from 1807 to 1836 when it was annexed by the City of Troy. Much of the area north of the Piscawenkill, what is now the majority of the golf links and the perimeter trail, would have been part of Lansingburgh for those years.

Two Lakes Named.

Wright Lake and Bradley Lake are the names given to two of the lakes to commemorate the names of members of the Frear family. Wright Lake is 500 feet wide and 800 feet long and Bradley Lake 500 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. Provision will be made for a bathing beach at Bradley Lake.
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Batestown’s approximate boundaries, cropped and adapted from Rensselaer County Geographic Information Services image of Street Map of City of Troy

Frear Park Trails Map from Internet Archive of Frear Park Conservancy Website. < >

“The History of Frear Park.”