Kills, or creeks, in the former Town of Lansingburgh that are tributaries to the Hudson River and a number of ponds

Deep Kill – the northern boundary of the Town of Lansingburgh, runs through the middle of Grant’s Hollow

° Deepkill Dam and Reservoir

Powder Spring in the vicinity of Campbell Island on the River Road

Koolkill – runs through Speigletown and Thieves Hollow (also called the Cool Kill, Koele Killitie, etc.)

Paensick Kill – former Rensselaer County Historian Beulah Bailey Thull identified this as a former name of the Deepkill, but it seems to be one of the kills between the Iserberg Kill and the Deepkill, possibly the Koolkill

Pine Creek

Oil Mill Creek or Iserbergh Creek – runs through Pleasantdale

Gould’s Creek – seemingly an old name for that running down from Oakwood Cemetery’s ponds, then turning south

Piscawenkill – the southern boundary of Batestown, initially part of the Town of Lansingburgh

Meadow Creek – south of Lansingburgh, just north of Hoosick Street

Town of Lansingburgh cropped from COHOES, NY HISTORICAL MAP GEOPDF 15X15 GRID. USGS. 1898