Trojans Witness Second Glider Flight in 25 Years.

100 Watch Daniel L. Bailey Take Off in Suspension Type Craft in Quest of Pilot’s License; Averts Accident.
Trojans witnessed the second local glider flight in twenty-five years when an assemblage of more than 100 saw Daniel L. Bailey, thirty-eight, of 494 Eighth avenue, North Troy, take off yesterday from McChesney’s hill near Oakwood avenue to acquire sufficient hours in the air to obtain a glider pilot’s lecense.
Albany Evening News. August 25, 1930:3 cols 2-4.

Skiers Find Best Sport of Season During Week-End. […]

Sixteen members of the Junior Ski Kings, ski club of Lansingburg Boys’ Club, enjoyed an outing yesterday afternoon on a slope back of McChesney’s Hill off Oakwood Avenue between Frear Park and Miami Beach. The snow was deep with a tendency to be wet but the boys beat down a run for themselves and found the skiing fast and sporty.
Times Record. February 1, 1943: 5 col 6.