Several Lansingburghers ran as candidates of the National Progressive Party (1912-1916), the “Bull Moose Party” of Theodore Roosevelt.

Emblem chosen to represent and distinguish the candidates of the National Progressive party. ~1912-1915.

—The Bull Moose of Lansingburgh will hold their initial meeting to-night at the plumbing shop of J. C. Beck on [One Hundred] Twelfth Street.
“General Mention.” Troy Times. August 20, 1912: 6 col 2.

Ward Organization Launched.

The Sixteenth Ward Progressive party organization was launched last night at a meeting held at J. S. Beck’s plumbing shop on [One Hundred] Twelfth Street by eight persons. Dr. C. B. Sprague was chosen Temporary Chairman, and later he was made Permanent Chairman. D. F. Winkleman, jr., was chosen as Secretary. “Keynote” speeches were delivered by both. The national platform was indorsed. John S. Beck also made a short address. The following Ward Committee was elected: First District, William Mambert; Second District, Andrew J. Smith; Third District, Thomas J. Alexander.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. August 21, 1912: 2 col 3.

—The Sixteenth Ward Bull Moose Club has secured permanent headquarters on East Park Place. Philip Murphy and Michael Ring, who are in charge of the new quarters, have arranged for the opening to-night.
Troy Times. October 5, 1912: 12 col 2.

Candidates Nominated by the National Progressive Party.

NAME OF CANDIDATE. Title of Office. Place of Residence of Candidate. Place of Business of Candidate.
FREDERICK E. DRAPER… Representative in Congress for 29th District… 172 2nd Ave., Pl. of Bus 16 1st [101st] St., Troy. … … […]
CHARLES B. SPRAGUE… Coroner Rensselaer County… 660 Second Ave., Upper Troy, N. Y. … …
Troy Times. November 12, 1912: 14.

Sixteenth Ward Progressives.

City Judge Fred E. Draper is scheduled to speak on “The Principles and Aims of the Progressive Party” at a meeting of the Bull Moosers of the Sixteenth Ward at Odd Fellows’ Hall on [One Hundred] Twelfth Street in that section to-morrow night.
Troy Times. September 12, 1913: 5 col 4.

Progressives Hear Candidates..

The Progressive Club of the Sixteenth Ward was addressed last night by Dr. H. L. Waldo, primary candidate for Mayor; Frederick E. Draper, jr., candidate for City Judge; Joseph McQuide and James M. Snyder. City Judge Draper outlined the principles and aims of the Progressive party. He said the keynote of the party principles was to make the republic what its founders intended it to be. He told of Progressive victories in many cities. Dr. Waldo spoke on local issues. He advocated the selling of city bonds to citizens in small denominations, thus benefitting the man of small means by enabling him to secure more interest on his savings than in a bank. The plan had met with success in other places, the speaker said. Dr. Waldo also urged the municipal ownership of gas and electric light plants. James Farrell, candidate for Surrogate, will be one of the speakers next week.
Troy Times. September 13, 1913: 5 col 3.

Candidates Nominated by the National Progressive Party.

NAME OF CANDIDATE. Title of Office. Place of Residence of Candidate. Place of Business of Candidate.
CHARLES A. MILLER, JR. … Member of Assembly, 1st Assembly District. 542 5th Ave. No. Troy, N. Y. […]
HENRY W. SCHUMANN… Assessor… 6 21st [121st] St., [No.] Troy, N. Y. … 6 21[st] St. [121st], No. Troy, N. Y.
FREDERICK E. DRAPER, JR. … Judge, City Court… 172 2d Ave., No. Troy, N. Y. … 16 1st [101st] St., No. Troy, N. Y.
DAVID N. McCREA… Supervisor, 15th Ward… 249 5th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y. … Tolhurst Machine Works
SAMUEL J. McAULEY… Alderman, 15th Ward… 219 6th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y. … 432 River St., Troy, N. Y.
FREDERICK GEER… Supervisor, 16th Ward… 1 12th [112th] St., No. Troy, N.Y. … Cohoes, N. Y.
SOREN M. PETERSEN…Alderman, 16th Ward… 489 6th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y. … 489 6th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y.
JOHN WARDEN… Supervisor, 17th Ward… 746 4th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y. … 746 4th Ave., No. Troy, N.Y.
MATTHEW J. WHINNERY… Alderman, 17th Ward… 9th Ave. and 27th [127th] St., No. Troy, N.Y. …th Ave. and 27th [127th] St., No. Troy, N.Y.
Troy Times. October 27, 1913: 13.

New Bull Moose Club.

The Lansingburgh District Progressive Club was formed last evening at Odd Fellows’ Hall, [One Hundred] Twelfth Street, by the members of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Ward Clubs, which became inactive after the election of last fall. It is planned the have the new organization carry on an active propaganda by means of social and educational meetings. The officers were elected as follows: President, Edward A. Pratt; Vice President, John Gribble; Corresponding Secretary, D. F. Winkleman; Recording Secretary, Albert Green; Treasurer, Frank Benjamin. A get-together “smoker” was held after the election. The club will meet again January 21.
Troy Times. January 8, 1914: 6 col 2.

—The Lansingburgh Progressive Club has arranged to meet Wednesday evening, March 4, at Arcanum Hall, Second Avenue. The President, Edward A. Pratt, is making arrangements for several speakers. The organization will probably at this time consider the proposed change of its character from that of a purely political club to one of a social nature. Members of the club largely favor the letting of permanent headquarters with parlors and a game room. It is not unlikely that yearly dues will be decided upon. Up to date the club has been supported entirely by voluntary contributions.
Troy Times. February 17, 1914: 13 col 6.

Progressive Speakers.

The Lansingburgh Progressive Club will at the meeting to-night be addressed by Assemblyman Otto Henschel and Henry D. Patton, both of New York. The legislators will speak on Progressivism and state politics in general. Edward A. Pratt, President of the club, will introduce the speakers. Local Progressives are also expected to speak. The meeting will be held at Arcanum Hall.
Troy Times. March 18, 1914: 9 col 2.

A Progressive Meeting.

Assemblyman Henschel and Patton, of New York, who were to have addressed the Progressive Club at its meeting at Arcanum Hall last night, were notified because of the inclement weather not to come to Troy. There was, however, as unexpectedly large attendance at the meeting, which was addressed by Frederick E. Draper, jr., Dr. H. L. Waldo and attorney James Farrell. Mr. Draper spoke on “The Proposed Constitutional Convention.” Edward A. Pratt presided.
Troy Times. March 19, 1914: 9 col 1.

Rally of Progressives.

Nearly a hundred attended the rally held last evening at Royal Arcanum Hall by the Progressives of Lansingburgh. President Edward A. Pratt of the Lansingburgh Progressive Club introduced the speakers, who included County Chairman Joseph McQuide, former County Chairman James M. Snyder, Dr. Howard L. Waldo, Andrew Loudon, Henry J. Stewart of Albany County and Frederick E. Draper, jr. Mr. Draper made the principal address, in which he touched on present political conditions in the state. He said the outlook was bright for the Progressives in the coming elections. The next meeting of the club will be held May 20.
Troy Times. May 7, 1914: 12 col 3.

Candidates Nominated by the National Progressive Party.

NAME OF CANDIDATE. Title of Office. Address. […]
CHAUNCEY H. FREAR….. Member of Assembly, 1st Dist. …..542 5th Ave., No. Troy […]
EDWARD A. PRATT….. County Treasurer….. 12th [112th] St. and 1st Ave., No. Troy, N. Y…
Troy Times. October 26, 1914: 12.

Progressive Officers.

The Lansingburgh Progressive Club last evening elected: President, Johh J. Grebel; Vice President, George E. MacMurray; Treasurer, Frank Benjamin; Secretary, Albert Green. The club is thinking of presenting a play now and then throughout the winter.
Troy Times. December 3, 1914: 3 col 4.


Title of Office. Name of Candidate. Residence.
President of the Common Council… CHAUNCEY H. FREAR… 542 Fifth Ave., Troy.
Supervisor 16th Ward… JOHN OLSEN
Alderman 16th Ward… WILLIAM J. O’NEIL
Supervisor 17th Ward… JOHN C. WARDEN
Supervisor 167th Ward… MATTHEW J. WHINNERY… 951 Ave. [sic] Troy.
Troy Times. October 25, 1915: 13.