The popularity of miniature golf grew in the 1920s and exploded in 1930 (as did jokes about it). Entire newspaper pages could be devoted to ads for franchising, or for collections of ads of places it could be played. Lansingburgh had at least one during the craze, at 109th Street and Third Avenue (the ad stating 2nd Ave. seems to have been in error).

Now open North Troy Indoor Golf Course-18 holes 2nd Ave., Near 109th St. Luncheonette - Refreshments Sundays, Evenings and Holidays, 35c Afternoons 25c

Troy Times. November 7, 1930: 17 cols 4-5.

Bobby Jones says for an hour's recreation Decoration Day or any day visit the North Troy miniature golf course Tortex greens Ample parking Open from 9 A. M. Green's fee 25c any time

Troy Times. May 28, 1931