The James C. Comstock School, formerly called the Market Street School or 1st Ward School, had been on the north side of 115th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. It was demolished in 1910 for the new Lansingburgh High School.

—The Market street school house has been thoroughly rejuvenated and improved preparatory to the regular fall opening.
“Educational.” Lansingburgh Gazette. August 22, 1873: 3 col 4.

—We understand that Alphonso Vandusen has been elected janitor at the Market street school house. Mr. Vandusen is fully competent and deserving of the honor conferred upon him in his election to that office.
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Professor C. T. R. Smith appeared and urged the necessity for changing the name of the Market street school. He said that the James C. Comstock school would be an appropriate name, inasmuch as that gentleman had done more for the cause of education in Lansingburgh than any other person. He was for forty-three years prominently connected with the local schools and first secured free public schools for this village. The Market street school was his old school, and there he managed the school interests of the village. The matter had been under advisement for a long time, and the board deemed it a fitting honor the the memory of Mr. Comstock. The name of the school was formally changed, and will be hereafter the James C. Comstock school.
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—Bids will be received June 15 for the proposed new High School building, and contracts will be awarded July 1 It is expected that work on the building will be begun by July 10. The Comstock School, which is now on the site of the proposed new school building, will be occupied until the close of the school year. It will require ten days to clear the lot. The new building, it is expected, will be inclosed by next fall.
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