Batestown School

James C. Comstock School

Golden Rule Institute

Hudson Vale Institute

Lansingburgh Female Seminary

Lansingburgh School District 1 “Colored Department” (1847-1851)

Leonard School

Powers School

Speigletown School

Whipple School

Rensselaer-Taconic Land Conservancy, Lansingburgh Historical Society, and Brunswick Historical Society. “Early Schools: Rural and Urban. Rensselaer County, NY.” May 15, 1999.

Lansingburgh School District cropped from Google Earth 2017

As odd a shape the Lansingburgh School District has, the shape encompasses most of the former Town of Lansingburgh (excluding Batestown) and most of the Patent of Stone Arabia. A small northern portion of the Town is not included as well as a small southern portion of Stone Arabia, while additional area in the Town of Brunswick was added to the east of Stone Arabia’s eastern boundary.