—A dredge is at work at the foot of [One Hundred] Seventh street, clearing the channel and basin where the Troy yacht club’s boat-house will be erected.
Lansingburgh Courier. June 22, 1889: 3 col 2.

On Field and Water.

—The new Troy yacht club will probably hold two regattas next season. One will be only for members of the club.
—Owners of steam yachts in this city are taking out the small engines, and are replacing them with larger ones, to endure greater speed. The yacht-owners intend to engage in races next year.
—With five boat-clubs above the state dam boating on the Hudson river will be active next season. The Shenandoah club and the Cohoes rowing-club are on the west bank, and the Troy yacht-club, the Laureates and the Earl boat-club are on the east bank. An effort will be made to get the best oarsmen of the country together at a regatta above the dam next summer. […]
—Next week it is expected the club-house for the Troy yacht club will be completed, so that it may be occupied. A handsome fireplace has been put in the reception and meeting-room, and the house will be open all winter. The club expects to give a reception in a few weeks. The staircases were put in position this week. The new organization is flourishing, and 116 residents of this city and Lansingburgh are enrolled as members. The club will meet Wednesday evening, when additional applications for membership will be considered.
Troy Daily Times. December 7, 1889: 8 col 8.

The painting of the exterior of the Troy yacht-club house, at the foot of [One Hundred] Fifth street, has been completed.
Troy Daily Times. December 13, 1889: 3 col 5.


First Meeting of the Troy Yacht Club in Its New House—Preparing for a Reception.

The first meeting of the Troy yacht club in its new club-house in Lansingburgh was held last night, Commodore N. L. Weatherby presiding. There was a large attendance, and several new names were proposed for membership. Several resolutions to amend the constitution and by-laws were offered, to be acted upon at the next meeting. A vote of thanks was adopted to Charles W. Billings for a marble mantel given to the club, and also to Cluett & Sons for the use of a room in which the club held its annual meeting recently.

C. E. Wilson, chairman of the committee to arrange for the reception to be given February 4, reported that Harmony hall had been secured for the occasion. Invitations will be sent out next week.

A resolution authorizing the club to elect honorary members, to have all the rights and privileges of active members, except the right to vote, was offered, to be acted upon at the next meeting. The new quarters of the club were recently described in the Times.
Troy Daily Times. January 16, 1890: 3 col 7.

The Troy Yacht Club House Damaged By Fire.

The fine new building of the Troy Yacht Club at the corner of Second avenue and [One hundred] Fifth street, just completed and not yet furnished, was badly damaged by fire Wednesday night. A little after 10 o’clock the floor in the upper part of the building was discovered to be on fire and an alarm was sent in from box 12. The fire department made a prompt response, and the fire was soon under control. A hot coal falling from the grate to the floor is believed to have started the fire. The upper story was completely burned out and the lower rooms were damaged by water. The loss will foot up about 1,8000, which is covered by insurance, the building being insured for 4,000. Some better system of fire alarm should be inaugurated in the ‘Burgh, as many of the firemen failed to hear the alarm of Wednesday night and knew nothing of the fire until next morning.
Lansingburgh Courier. January 25, 1890: 3 col 2.

The obnoxious bill-board on the river bank, south of the Troy yacht-club house, has been removed by the owners in compliance with the request of the board of health.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. February 16, 1890: 3 col 4.



The portion of the Troy yacht-club house, at the foot of [One Hundred] Fifth street, recently destroyed by fire, is being torn down, and will be rebuilt at once. The work will be pushed, that the house may be complete and ready for occupation May 1.
Troy Daily Times. February 18, 1890: 3 col 4.

From the Northern District.

—Workmen yesterday completed the repairs and alterations on the Troy yacht club’s house.
Troy Daily Times. April 2, 1890: 3 col 4.

The grounds of the Troy yacht-club are being sodded. Four thousand feet of sod will be used.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. May 16, 1890: 3 col 4.

The grounds of the Troy yacht club have been enclosed by a neat iron fence.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. May 20, 1890: 3 col 4.


Flags at Half-Mast—The Signal to Weigh Anchor for the River Review.

Commodore Weatherby’s general order for the first annual review and river parade of the Troy yacht-club this afternoon is as follows:
HEADQUARTERS TROY YACHT-CLUB, TROY, May 29, 1890.—General Orders No. 1: I. In pursuance of resolutions adopted the Troy yacht-club will hold its first annual review and river parade on the occasion of the opening of its boat and club house, located at the foot of Fifth street, Lansingburgh, on Decoration day, May 30, 1890.
II. Out of respect to the memory of the nation’s dead heroes the club-house and all yachts of our organization will display colors at half-mast throughout the day, except during the actual time of the river parade, when flags of the fleet may be hoisted to masthead.
III. The captains of yachts will report to the commodore at the club-house at 3:30 o’clock sharp. Immediately thereafter the craft will anchor in positions assigned them.
IV. At 4 o’clock one gun from the commodore’s flag yacht will be the signal for “weight anchor.” Line will be formed for river parade as follows—rowing craft in column of twos and steam yachts in single file—with right resting opposite the south end of boat-house:
Commodore’s flag yacht.
Laureate boat-club.
Shenandoah boat-club.
Mohawk boat-club.
Earl boat-club.
Visiting steam yachts.
Troy yacht-club.
Sans Souci yacht-club.

Procession will slowly move to and around Cohoes bridge and to and around a flag buoy anchored a quarter of a mile south of the boat-house. Each turn will be made from port to starboard.
V. Arriving at a point opposite the yacht-club boat-house the entire line will be reviewed by the commodore from his flag yacht, anchored.
VI. A gun from the commodore’s flag yacht will indicate that the left of the line has passed in review and will be a signal for dismissal of the column.
VII. D. V. Bontecou is hereby appointed to assist the commodore in the formation of the fleet, and his orders will be obeyed accordingly.
VIII. Captains of steam yachts will observe care in keeping a distance of thirty feet between boats, and exercise great caution in avoiding collision with rowing craft.
IX. The public is respectfully invited to accept the hospitality of the Troy yacht-club throughout the afternoon. N. L. WEATHERBY.
Official: Commodore Troy Yacht-Club.
A. M. WIGHT, Secretary.
Troy Daily Times. May 30, 1890: 3 col 4.

Charles Bradshaw has been awarded the contract for erecting an addition to the Troy yacht club building. The addition will be 40×20 feet, and will be used as a storehouse for the club.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. May 15, 1891: 3 col 4.

Charles Bradshaw commenced yesterday the addition to the Troy yacht-club house. The addition will be used as a boat-house for the boats of the club.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. May 20, 1891: 3 col 4.