Bolton Hall in the former Village of Lansingburgh served as the State Armory after the one in Troy burned in 1917. The Hall continued to serve as the Armory until 1922 when a newly-built one was ready to be occupied. In the 1840s the Olympic Saloon in the Village had served a similar purpose for a local military company, the Lansingburgh Artillery.



Will Be Installed in New $300,000 Building on Fifteenth Street By Saturday Night—Formal Opening April 18—Governor to Be Present.

Under the direction of Lieut. Harvey S. Gardner, who was detailed for the purpose by Col. Ransom H. Gillet, Commander of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Troy, the work of evacuating the temporary Armory in Bolton Hall was begun this morning and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible. It is thought the work will be completed by Saturday night, and the regiment will be installed in the new $300,000 State Armory on Fifteenth Street.
Troy Times. January 25, 1922: 5 col 4.