Lutzelberger’s Grove was a private park in Lansingburgh that was the predecessor of Young’s Grove. It was in operation from 1869 to 1874, at which point the executor of Lutzelberger’s estate leased it to Young; it continued to be called Lutzelberger’s Grove for a couple years more out of habit or tradition.

—Everybody’s friend, Aleck. Lutzelberger, has invested heavily in the real estate business. He has just purchased of the heirs of the Lansing estate, seven and a half acres of land lying on Gould street, Vail Avenue, and River street, Lansingburgh—the whole making about one hundred building lots. The price paid was about $15,000.
Troy Daily Whig. December 11, 1868: 3 col 1.

—The great annual target shoot and festival of the cavalry squadron of the Ninth Brigade come off at Lutzelberger’s grove on Tuesday next. It will be a splendid affair.
Troy Daily Press. August 27, 1869: 3 col 2.


Sixth Annual Target Practice

OF THE CAVALRY SQUADRON, 9TH BRIGADE, N. G., [Curt?] SCHWARTZMAN Commanding, at LUTZELBERGER’S GROVE, Vail Avenue, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 1869.—Music by KLINE’S BAND, of Albany. Dancing from 2 P. M. to Sundown.
Committee.—Sergt. C. E. Waldheim, A. Beaumister, Jacob Stoll, Herman Carl, John WOlf, Isaac Hellicott, John Kehn, W. F. Fraeman, John W. Vossmerhammer.

Pic-Nic Grounds.

THE SUBSCRIBER has fitted up every convenience for Pic-Nic parties.

Horse cars run directly by the grounds. The ground is dry, heavy foliage, convenient buildings and fine platform. Prices very low.
A. LUTZELBERGER, 197 River st.
Troy Daily Press. August 27, 1869: 3 col 6.

—The Troy German Independent Schuetzen Corps will hold their first annual Schuetzen Fest at Lutzelberg’s Grove, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 21st and 22d. Doring’s full band is engaged for the occasion. For a royal good time an entertainment full of decent fun and hilarity commend us to the Schuetzen Corps.
Troy Daily Press. September 3, 1869: 3 col 2.

—Company K, 24th Regiment, give their annual picnic at Lutzelberger’s Grove on the 15th proximo.
“Local Chit-Chat.” Troy Daily Whig. July 29, 1870: 3 col 1.

—This morning shortly after 9 o’clock Boshart’s Zouaves and Capt. Platt’s command, accompanied by Flockton’s and Sullivan’s bands, proceeded to Lutzelberger’s grove where the Independent Base Ball Club’s pic nic is taking place and indulged in a target shoot. At about 2 o’clock they marched back to the city and halted at Battery B’s armory in Wotkyn’s Block, where a handsome collation had been provided. The interior of the armory had been handsomely decorated with flags and suitable inscriptions hung upon the walls. Speeches, brief and appropriate, were made, and an hour spent in social enjoyment. The Poughkeepsie company leave for home at 4:05 this afternoon.
Troy Daily Times. September 15, 1870: 2 col 3.

☞ THE COMING GERMAN PEACE JUBILEE.—At a meeting of Germans at Apollo Hall last night it was fully determined to hold a grand peace jubilee on the 29th of May. A committee of twenty-seven was appointed to make special arrangements. All the German societies in this vicinity will probably turn out. The general plan is to have a procession in the morning, which will pass through several streets of the city, and then proceed to Lansingburgh, where it will countermarch and return to Lutzelberger’s Grove or Rensselaer Park. A grand pic-nic will then occupy the remainder of the day. It will undoubtedly be an immense affair.
Troy Daily Whig. May 1, 1871: 3 col 2.

—The bean bake at Lutzelberger’s grove on Thursday was superintended by James Durby, a well known Trojan caterer.
Troy Daily Whig. July 26, 1873: 3 col 1.


Troy Daily Whig. August 7, 1873: 3 col 8.

—The sale of Lutzelberger’s grove, which was to have taken place to-day, has been indefinitely postponed. Debts amounting to about $6,000 remain against the estate, and in order to liquidate them without necessitating a sale of the propeety the heirs have agreed to pay to the executor, Thomas Neary, the required amount.
“City Notes.” Troy Daily Times. March 16, 1874: 3 col 1.

—Lutzelberger’s grove has been leased to George Young for one year by Thomas Neary, executor of the estate.
“Amusements.” Troy Daily Times. April 16, 1874: 3 col 3.

—The tents for Barnum’s “greatest show on earth” will be put up Thursday morning on the grounds of Lutzelberger’s grove. The show will exhibit afternoon and evening, the doors opening at 1 o’clock and 7 o’clock P. M.
Troy Daily Times. August 28, 1876: 3 col 4.