The Ulysses Boat Club, formed in 1868, would become the William S. Earl Boat Club.


Application was made by John L. Flagg this morning, for consent of Justice Ingalls to file in the offices of the county clerk and secretary of state, certificates incorporating the “Father Matthew temperance guards.” A similar application will be made this afternoon in behalf of the “Ulysses boat club.”
Troy Daily Times. February 17, 1874: 3 col 2.

Ulysses Boat Club.

Organized April 28, 1868. Charles G. Saxe, President ; W. H. Orelup, Captain ; E. D. W. Wood, Treasurer ; C. H Tyler, Secretary.
Weise, A. J. History of the City of Troy. Troy, NY: William H. Young, 1876. 354.

—The Ulysses boat house is to be overhauled and improved preparatory of the summer sporting season.
—The Union university crew will occupy their regatta quarters at Reiley’s on Saratoga lake Saturday, June 24.
—Four members of the Ulysses boat club went out for a row in the new four-oared shell of the club yesterday, and when they returned it was broken in two. The occupants said it was broken by a wave. The boat was one of Waters & Sons and cost about $170.
Troy Daily Times. June 19, 1876: 3 col 4.

—The Ulysses boat club are dissatisfied with the present location of their boat house, and are negotiating for a new site.
“City Notes.” Troy Daily Times. June 4, 1877: 3 col 1.