Revolutionary War Colonel Sidney Berry’s connection with Lansingburgh seems to have been a brief one, perhaps only lasting roughly between 1784 and 1787.

In 1789 he would become the first Supervisor of the Town of Northumberland in Saratoga County and in 1791 the first Surrogate of that county. Col. Sidney Berry is buried in the Thompson Cemetery in that town, located along the Hudson River.

A poll opened for choosing the annual officers the 6th day of January 1784 at 1 o’clock in the afternoon

Clerk Christopher Tillman

Committee Levinus Lansing
Flores Bancker
John Van Rensselaer
Robert Thomson
Randall Rice

Path Master Zacharias Garnryck

Fence Viewers Henry Van Arnum
Barnet Stilwill
Cornelius Lansing

Votes Nanning N [?]
James [Boyer?]
Robert Thompson The poll closed at 6 o’clock
Randell Rice in the evening the same
Christopher Tillman day
Christopher Tillman Clerk

Nanning V [Fisher?] Esquire moveth to this committee to have a public pound to put damage [Fathen?] creatures in

Whereas it was omitted to elect the annual officers on the usual day, it was advertised to have a meeting on the 7th February to make choice of the said officers, whereupon the votes were [taken?] and the following person were elected

Christopher Tillman Town Clerk

Abraham Jacob Lansing
Sidney Berry
Albert Pawling Committee
John Van Rensselaer
Horace Seymour

On the same day of the election for the annual officers the people voted by ballot for each persons as they wished to have in the [commission?] of the peace and the votes were as followeth
Christopher Tillman had 33 votes
Albert Pawling had 29 votes
Jeronemus Hoogland had 16 votes
The poll closed 5 o’clock P M
Christopher Tillman Clerk

Lansingbourgh 9th April 1785
The Committee Met
Abraham Jacob Lansing
John Van Rensselaer Present
Horace Seymour
Abraham Jacob Lansing in the chair, who moveth to the board to have a new election for two members in the room of Sidney Berry & Albert Pawling, who were elected and are not qualified to take a seat by reason of not being Freeholders in Lansingbourgh.
The members present and the clerk do promise and agree that they will serve the ensuing year without any pay
Resolved that the clerk shall advertisement to have an election for two new members in the room of [Colonels?] Sidney Berry and Albert Pawling to be on Monday the 18th instant April at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
By order
Christopher Tillman Clerk
Agreeable to resolve it hath been advertised and the poll opened and the following persons were elected – viz
Abraham TenEyck
Samuel Cogswell

Agreeable to public notice the Freeholders and inhabitants of the Town of Lansingbourgh on Tuesday the 17th of January 1787 and chose the following officers viz
Aaron Lane Town Clerk

Abraham J Lansing
Col. John Van Rensselaer
Capt. Jeronemus Hoogland Committee
Elijah Jane
Aaron Ward

John Stillwell No 1
James Boggs No 2
Enos [Westover?] 3 Fire men or directors
Lathrop Allen 4
Jonathan Sever 5

Sidney Berry Chimney Peepers
Christopher Tillman or Examiners

A Note of the Town was taken and passed unanimously that the committee should provide a sufficient number of ladders and firehooks, to be deposited in the most suitable place that the committee may think proper, for the use of the Inhabitants and to be under the immediate direction of the firemen for the time being Which ladders and hooks are to be used in care of fire only
The payment of them to be defrayed by a Tax of the Town according to property, which is to be laid by the Committee and collected according to their directions.