1876 William G. P. Campbell
1878 C. R. McDonald, Rep.
1879 C. R. McDonald, Rep.
1880 George Barkley, jr., Rep.
1881 George Barkley, jr., Rep.
1882 George Barkley, jr., Rep.
1883 Walker, Barkley
1886 Charles Kirkpatrick, Dem.
1886 Charles Kirkpatrick, Dem.
1887 George Barkley, jr., Rep.
1889 Charles Kirkpatrick
1890 Charles Kirkpatrick, Rep.
1891 Charles Kirkpatrick, Rep.
1892 W. T. Douglas, Rep.

—Where in the world is Game Constable Campbell? and what was he elected for? There are persons here in town—and we can give names—who make it an almost daily practice hunting wild duck, up the river, and catching young bass in nets. This is in direct violation of the fish and game laws, and should be stopped at once. The official who is clothed with the proper authority certainly ought to do something.
Lansingburgh Courier. July 21, 1876: 3 col 2.