The Shamrock Grill was a restaurant at 501 First Avenue near the intersection of First Avenue and 113th Street, along the Hudson River.


Rumors Fail to Materialize; Another Device Seized In South End

Although it had been stated more than two weeks ago that legal action was to be instituted to regain possession of some pin ball machines seized by officers of the district attorney’s office, this action had not been commenced up to today and now with four of these machines stored in the grand jury room, Dist. Atty. Earle J. Wiley states that he intends to have the machines destroyed.
The last pin ball machine was seized late yesterday afternoon at Allen’s Diner, 579 First Street, by Policeman Dominick Campana of the Central Station and Plainclothesman Kenneth Fake, the latter assigned to the county prosecutor’s office.
A call from the office of Chief of Police Frank B. Kendall was made to the district attorney’s office yesterday afternoon asking that one of the officers there accompany Policeman Campana for the seizure of the alleged gambling device.
No arrest was made at any of the seizures of the pin ball machines. The machine taken yesterday afternoon bears the notation of a distributor in Albany and District Attorney Wiley said today that he would request the proprietor of that concern to come to his office for interrogation.
Other pinball machines were seized as follows: Jan. 28, Terminal Tavern, 774 Pawling Avenue; Jan. 29, Arena Grill, 681 Burden Avenue and Jan 30, Shamrock Grill, 501 First Avenue.
The county prosecutor contends that the pin ball machines are gambling devices and as such may be destroyed by his office after the devices have been picked up.
Times Record [Troy, NY]. March 4, 1948: 23 col 8.

The Shamrock Grill Announces catering for steak roasts clam steams barbecues Minimum 25 People... up to 100. "Our Outings Can't Be Beat" also small parties and banquets 113th St. & First Ave. North Troy "On the Banks of the Hudson" Call BE 5-9849 A. Giamei, Prop.

“The Shamrock Grill.” Times Record. May 8, 1965: 5 col 1