The Troy Budget says that “two men already in the hospital for trying to pronounce the name of the new Troy boat club, and half a hundred women and children with their jaws tried up from the same cause. Yet ‘Muh-he-ka-ne-oks’ may be pronounced ‘Mechanics’ with perfect safety.”
“Rensselaer County.” Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle. April 17, 1879: 1 col 3.

MUH-HE-KA-NE-OK BOAT CLUB, TROY.—TROY, N.Y., May 2.—At a meeting of our club the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Captain, W. N. Thayer; Lieutenant, C. M. Grand; Secretary and Treasurer, J. R. Whitehead. Yours, M. B. C.
“Rowing Notes.” American Gentleman’s Newspaper. May 7, 1881: 339.

The Mu-he-ka-ne-ok Boat Club, whose headquarters were destroyed by fire at Lansingburgh, has resolved to continue the organization under the name of the W. S. Earl Boat Club.
“Vicinity Notes.” Daily Saratogian. January 25, 1882: 4 col 3.