There are several islands in the Hudson River alongside the geographical area that had been covered by the Town of Lansingburgh, some of which had been part of Lansingburgh.

Green Island (opposite Batestown which was once part of Lansingburgh)

Whale Island (no longer in existence due to deforestation, washouts caused partly by the State Dam, and dredging)

Van Schaick Island, City of Cohoes

Peebles Island (part of Waterford and had been the subject of an annexation attempt by the Town of Lansingburgh)

Campbell Island (once part of the Town of Lansingburgh, now part of the Town of Schaghticoke)

copy of painting, scenes near Lansingburgh, by William Hart 1848 shows Campbell's Island from River Rd.

copy of painting, scenes near Lansingburgh, by William Hart 1848 shows Campbell’s Island from River Rd.

“View near Lansingburgh, Looking toward Troy, on the River” attributed to James M. Hart (1828-1901)

This view from Schwartz's Hill shows the section of the river from the first rifts toward Waterford and Lansingburgh, with Converse, Collins and Campbell Islands in the foreground. This section is favored of summer campers and motorboat enthusiasts.

Beautiful View of the Islands of the Upper Hudson Looking South photo by C. E. Maxson, Troy. 1911?

Collins Island (the largest of the small islands directly north of Campbell Island below Lock 1)

Converse Island (second largest of the small islands directly north of Campbell Island below Lock 1)

—The Fourth Ward Camping Club broke camp last night, with a clam chowder, to which were invited several guests from out of town. The club had been at Converse Island, near the first rifts, for about two weeks.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. September 5, 1899: 4 col 2.

See’s Island?

Residents of North Lansingburgh complain of depredations made by a gang of idlers said to be identical with the “rock gang” that for several years was a menace to the peace of the northern part of the village. The stealing of lead-pipe from George Freiot and the arrest of William Rayborn on a charge of being the thief are recent developments. The gang is said to have headquarters on See’s island. During the last few days a number of chickens have been stolen. Frank Van Vleck has lost a pair of oars and a boat belonging to William H. Carr has been taken. A quantity of meat was stolen from Hiram See. The residents are becoming aroused, and it is proposed that a vigilance committee be formed, as sufficient proof to cause the conviction of the gang in police court cannot be procured.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. July 23, 1891: col 3.

Sisson’s Island?

Sisson’s Island might be the same as Converse Island?

Above Lansing’s Eddy.
The campers on the Hudson above Lansing’s Eddy who were driven out Thursday night by high water, which completely surrounded their camps, moved back last night and this morning. At Webber’s the camps were also surrounded by water. The water partly covered Campbell’s Collins’ and Sisson’s islands yesterday, but to-day the flood has receded. Clyde Orrrett and two companions were camping on Collins’ island Thursday night and yesterday morning their tent was surrounded by water and it was with difficulty that they were rescued by George Straight, who procured a boat and brought them to the east shore.
Troy Semi-Weekly Times. July 13, 1915: 8 col 3.