Campbell’s Crossing in the Town of Lansingburgh (now part of Schaghticoke) was a name for the neighborhood north of Pleasantdale, south of Flynn’s Crossing, and west of Speigletown around where the Troy and Boston Railroad track had crossed Haughney Road, a bit south of where 83 Haughney Road is. The home of William Gordon Patrick Campbell (1825-1901), called Nestledown, was located a short distance northeast of the railroad crossing between the road and the track.

The area was also called Campbell Hill, and possibly Pleasantdale Crossing. Haughney Road appears to have been previously – perhaps only informally – called the Campbell Hill Road. There was also a road and hill by that name in Brunswick.

Detail of 1861 Rensselaer County map showing Campbell's Crossing at bottom and Flynn's Crossing towards top.

Detail of 1861 Rensselaer County map showing Campbell’s Crossing at bottom and Flynn’s Crossing towards top.

Lee, Caroline Haughton. Barns at Nestledown. ca. 1910s-1930s, watercolor, Lansingburgh Historical Society. (detail)

Lee, Caroline Haughton. Barns at Nestledown. ca. 1910s-1930s, watercolor, Lansingburgh Historical Society. (detail)

Given that the railroad had a grade crossing there, several bad collisions occurred at it and there were occasionally some dangerous washouts. An incomplete list:

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