Deed from Anaemhaenitt, a Mahikan Indian, to Robert Sanders for a parcel of woodland and Whale island

[13] An this 30th day of December 1678, in presence of the honorable magistrates of Albany, colony of Renselaerswyck, etc., Ro. Sanders has bought of Anaemhaenitt, a Mahikan and native proprietor, a certain parcel of woodland by the Indians named Popgassik,1 lying on the east side of the North river, to the south of the aforesaid Rot. Sander’s farm, extending to the land and claim of Pr. van Waggelen,2 which land was mentioned in his former contract of sale dated May 15/25 1668, when he with Harme Vedder bought his farm, and was then conveyed by all the natives, that is to say, free range (vry uytdrift) for his cattle, but now he, Anaemhaenitt, sells the land in fee, with all the right, title and interest which he, the grantor and native owner, has therein; likewise a small island lying in said North river, named Wallvissen Eylant,3 which aforenamed parcel of land and Walvissen Eylant and all rights and prerogatives, he, the aforesaid natural owner, for himself, his kindred and blood relations, declares in true, rightful and free ownership hereby to be granted, conveyed and made over by him to and for the behoof of the aforenamed Robert Sanders, without his making any further claim in the least thereto, acknowledging that he has received therefor to his satisfaction a piece of cloth, a cutlass, a kettle, two pairs of stockings, four axes, a coat, a shirt and two jugs of rum, promising therefore never more to do nor suffer anything to be done contrary hereto in any manner. In confirmation whereof the aforesaid natural owner has subscribed this, in presence of Capt. Silv: Salisbury, commandant, and the magistrates of Albany aforesaid. Done in Albany on the date above written.
A. Teller
Dirck Wesselsz

This is the mark X of ANEMHAENITT made with his own hand.
Acknowledged before me,
Robt. Livingston, Secretary

1 Robert Sanders received a patent for this land on March 25, 1680.
2 Generally called “van Woggelum,” probably after the village of that name near Alkmaar, in the province of North Holland.
3 Walvisch, or Whale island, near Lansingburg, N. Y. See Van der Donck’s map of New Netherland, 1656, in E. B. O’Callaghan, History of New Netherland, 2:312 and map of Troy and vicinity, 1876, in A. J. Weise, History of the City of Troy, p. 264. Cf. also Munsell’s Annals of Albany, 2:226, and E. M. Ruttenber, Indian Geographical Names, p. 63 (published with New York State Historical Association, Proceedings, 1906, v. 6).
Van Laer, A. J. F., ed. Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck. Vol. 2. Albany, NY: U. State of NY, 1916. 27-28.

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