The Depot Hill was the name for the hill at the head of 117th Street, on which the Depot was located.

—Patrick Powderly, while riding down the depot hill yesterday was thrown from his sleigh and sustained severe scalp wounds.
Lansingburgh Courier. December 10, 1880: 3 col 1.

—John Watson, well known as “Skinner,” who made it his home on Depot hill, has disappeared. Overseer Graham was going to take him to the county house, but it seems “Skinner” didn’t want to go. He will probably shown up again. It is said he has lots of shekels. He was a fixture.
Lansingburgh Courier. February 4, 1881: 3 col 2.

—It is expected that depot hill will be graded and ready for use in a couple of weeks.
“Notes About Town.” Lansingburgh Courier. September 28, 1889: 3 col 1.