Proceedings of the Trustees.

Friday Evening, June 17, 1859. […]

A petition from J. M. Van Buskirk and other member of the Lansingburgh Cricket Club, petitioning the Trustees for the privilege of occupying so much of the public square as may be necessary for their use in playing Cricket, was received and read, and the prayer of the petitioners granted.
Lansingburgh Democrat. June 23, 1859: 2 col 7.

CRICKET IN LANSINGBURGH, N. Y.—On the 28th ult., a match was played on Weir’s Course, near that place, between the Union Club of Lansingburgh, and the Lansingburgh Cricket Club, which resulted in the defeat of the Lansingburgh club, notwithstanding they were allowed to select Bolter and Van Buren, two of the best cricketers in Troy, and one of whom played with the St. George against the State sixteen.
New York Clipper. October 22, 1859: 212 col 3.

POSTPONED.—The match between the Mount Ida Cricket Club and the Rensselaer Cricket Club of Lansingburgh, which was to come off on the 2d of June, is postponed until further notice.
Lansingburgh Democrat. June 2, 1860: 3 col 1.

☞ CRICKET CLUB.—The annual meeting of the Rensselaer county cricket club, was held last evening, at Levi Crow’s, in Congress street. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President—Dr. Welch, of Lansingburgh.
First Vice President—Peter Roy, of West Troy.
Second Vice President—Wm. H. Doughty, Troy.
Secretary—Waters W. Winne, Troy.
Treasurer—Newton Adams, Lansingburgh.
Troy Daily Times. April 14, 1863: 3 col 3.