☞ BASE BALL.—The Priam B. B. Club of this city, and the National B. B. Club of Lansingburgh have lately consolidated and organized a new Base Ball Club. The Club is styled “Union Base Ball Club of Rensselaer County.” The following gentlemen have been elected officers of the new club for the ensuing season:—
President—Robert Green, Troy.
Vice PresidentDr. S. P. Welch, Lansingburgh.
Sec. & Treas.—Richard Gardner, Troy.
DirectorsA. C. Anthony, Troy, F. Vanduesen, Troy, T. H. Mason, Lansingburgh, C. H. Holmes, Lansingburgh.
It is expected that the “Union” will make one of the best playing clubs in this vicinity.
Troy Daily Whig. April 2, 1861: 3 col 4.

—A base-ball match between the Union club, of Lansingburgh, and the Active club, of Troy, will probably take place on the play-ground at Batestown, on Wednesday afternoon of this week.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. August 31, 1864: 3 col 3.

☞ BASE BALL.—The Union base ball club of Lansingburgh, reörganized last evening, and the following officers were elected for the coming season:
President—C. H. Van Arnam.
Vice President—Robert Dickson.
Secretary—George Shumway.
Scorer and Treasurer—John Squires.
Captain First Nine—A. McQuide.
Captain Second Nine—J. Corey.
Directors—C. H. Van Arnum, A. McQuide, Eugene Benker.
Troy Daily Times. May 12, 1864: 3 col 3.

☞ BASE BALL.—A match game of base ball between the Liberty Club, of this city and the Union Club, of Lansingburgh, will be played next Thursday on the Putnam grounds, Northeast of the University. All lovers of the game should be present.
Troy Daily Times. May 29, 1865: 3 col 4.

☞ The Union Base Ball Club are to have a pic nic at Lansing’s Grove, Thursday the 20th inst. afternoon and evening. Ice-cream and refreshments will be served on the ground. Tickets 25 cents.
Lansingburgh Weekly Chronicle. July 11, 1865: 3 col 4.

☞ THE Union Base Ball Club, of Lansingburgh, will play a match game with the Knickerbocker Club, of Albany, on the Van Rensselaer grounds, on Monday afternoon next.—The Washington Club, of this city, beat the Nationals, of Albany, yesterday. Score, 25 to 23.
Troy Daily Times. August 12, 1865: 3 col 4.

—The Knicks. beat the Union Club, of Lansingburgh, yesterday, at base ball—32 to 16. The Times says that “the Lansingburgh players are very good in some positions; the out-fielders and first basement deserve especial mention.”
“Albany.” Troy Daily Times. August 15, 1865: 3 col 4.

☞ THE UNION BASE BALL CLUB of Lansingburgh and the Enterprise of Troy, will play a match game to-morrow afternoon, on the grounds near Bull’s Head. A lively time may be expected.
Troy Daily Whig. September 12, 1865: 3 col 2.

—The result of the match game of base ball played yesterday between the Enterprise Club, of this city, and the Union Club, of Lansingburgh, was, 35 runs for the.former and 43 for the latter.
“Briefs.” Troy Daily Times. September 14, 1865: 3 col 4.

☞ BASE BALL.—A match game was played yesterday afternoon, between the Enterprise club of this city, and the Union club of Lansingburgh. During the first four innings the play betokened an easy victory for the Troy boys, as the score at the commencement of the fifth innings gave them the lead by twelve runs. From that time the fielding of the Enterprise players was poor—their throwing extremely wild, enabling their opponents in a short time to take the lead, which they held until the close, willing the game by eight runs. The following is the score:
Dauchy, f 3 4 | Bunker, rt 3 6
Craver, c. 2 6 | McCune, c 4 5
Penfield, c.f. 1 6 | McQouid, p 1 7
Leavensworth, 1b 3 4 | Ward, lf 2 7
McDonald, s.s. 3 4 | Flynn, ss 3 2
Cooper, 2b 4 1 | King, 2b 4 3
Tighe, 3b 5 2 | Priddy, cf 6 2
Pierce, l.f. 4 3 | McAtee, 1b 2 6
Barter, r.f 1 5 | Dugan, 3b 2 6
— | —
35 | 43
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Enterprise, 10 0 12 4 0 1 1 0 6—35.
Union, 1 7 7 2 9 7 3 4 6—43.
Umpire—Michael Walsh.
Scorer—Robert H. Thompson
Troy Daily Whig. September 14, 1865: 3 col 2.

☞ At the match game of Base Ball played on the Green yesterday between the Eckford club of Brooklyn and the Union Boys of this village the latter were successful. The score stood 35 to 10. The affair ended pleasantly with a dance at Morris Hall in the evening. […]
☞ The reception Ball given by the Union Base Ball Club of this village in honor of the Eckford B. B. Club of Brooklyn, took place at Redner’s hotel last evening. An immense crowd was in attendance and everything went off with eclat. The invited guests will return to-night.
Lansingburgh Weekly Chronicle. October 3, 1865: 3 cols 1, 4.

☞ LANSINGBURGH.—At a regular meeting of the Union Base Ball Club of Lansingburgh, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Cal. Penfield; Vice President, Matthew Higgins, jr.; Secretary and Treasurer, W. Bartlett; Captain, Thos. E. Abrams.
Troy Daily Times. July 6, 1866: 3 col 2.

Pursuant to call, a meeting was held at the Clarendon House on Wednesday evening, August 15th, for the purpose of re-organizing the Union Base Ball Club. Chas. S. Holmes and Wm. C. Groesbeck were elected President and Secretary pro tem, and the following permanent officers were chosen: Dr. S. P. Welch, President; Chas. S. Holmes, Vice President; Wm. C. Groesbeck, Secretary; James McQuade, Treasurer; Wm. VanKleeck and John S. Neal, jr., Directors.
Lansingburgh Weekly Chronicle. August 29, 1866: 2 col 5.