☞ BASE BALL.—A Base Ball Club was organized in Lansingburgh last week, under the name of the “National Base Ball Club.” The following gentlemen were elected officers:
President—Wm. H. Shumway.
Vice President—D. R. Noble.
Treasurer—Chas. F. Rogers.
Secretary—C. L. Twing.
Standing Committee—Wm. M. Lee, T. H. Mason, C. S. Holmes.
They meet for practice on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.
Troy Daily Whig. September 14, 1859: 3 col 3.

—The return match between the Priam Base Ball Club and the National of Lansingburgh, will be played to-morrow.
“Briefs.” Troy Daily Times. November 1, 1859: 2 col 3.

☞ BASE BALL.—The National Club of Lansingburgh and the Priam of this city will play a game of base ball at Wier’s Course to-day. Play to commence at 1 P. M.
Troy Daily Whig. November 16, 1859: 3 col 5.

☞ ELECTION.—The National Base Ball Club of Lansingburgh have made the following selection of officers for the ensuing year:
President—E. H. Leonard.
Vice President—C. S. Holmes
Secretary.—W. C. Groesbeck
Treasurer—John E. Sayles.
Directors—Wm. H. Shumway, T. H. Mason, J. A. Richards.
Practice days, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Troy Daily Times. June 7, 1860: 3 col 4.
Lansingburgh Democrat. June 9, 1860: 2 col 4.

☞ BASE BALL.—The Priam B. B. Club of this city, and the National B. B. Club of Lansingburgh have lately consolidated and organized a new Base Ball Club. The Club is styled “Union Base Ball Club of Rensselaer County.” The following gentlemen have been elected officers of the new club for the ensuing season:—
President—Robert Green, Troy.
Vice PresidentDr. S. P. Welch, Lansingburgh.
Sec. & Treas.—Richard Gardner, Troy.
Directors—A. C. Anthony, Troy, F. Vanduesen, Troy, T. H. Mason, Lansingburgh, C. H. Holmes, Lansingburgh.
It is expected that the “Union” will make one of the best playing clubs in this vicinity.
Troy Daily Whig. April 2, 1861: 3 col 4.