News From the New Wards Which Before January 1 Formed the Village of Lansingburgh—Greeting the New Year—The Firemen Celebrate—Village Trustees and Water Board Hold Their Final Meetings—Miscellaneous Items.

—Chief Kirkpatrick made his last report as Chief of the Lansingburgh Police Department yesterday for the month of December, 1900, as follows: Arrests, six; discharged, four; sent to jail, two; fires, two; search warrants, two; doors found open, one. […]
—The final meeting of the Town Board of the town of Lansingburgh was held Monday night at the office of Town Clerk Bosca. Supervisor Miter reported that he had consulted with Supervisor Doty of Schaghticoke in regard to the Fitzgerald claim against the two towns, and it was decided that it could not be settled. The claim of Mrs. Mary Wright for injuries sustained by a fall on the river road, was rejected, and the Board adjourned sine die. […]

The Board Formally Dissolved.

The Water Commissioners of Lansingburgh met for the last time Monday night and formally dissolved. Those present were President Staley, Commissioners Comeskey, Lea and Dennin. Mr. Lea reported that after consultation with the Village Attorney it was decided not to destroy the coupons of bonds paid and old drafts on the Treasurer, which had accumulated. They will be turned over to the Water Department of Troy to avoid complications. As Treasurer Mr. Lea reported that back water rents and money due the Board had come in rapidly during the last month, the sum of $5,290 being received during December. Current bills to the amount of $850 were audited and ordered paid. Engineer C. E. Hicks’ bill for $500 for extra work on the additional water works system was considered, and it was the general opinion that Mr. Hicks was entitled to some extra compensation as the work had been so long delayed. A draft for $300 was ordered drawn to Mr. Hicks. The bill of P. H. Harrison’s Sons’ Company, contractors for the additional water system, for $1,500 for extra pile driving at the dam, was taken up and on motion returned to the company without comment.
On motion $30 was audited to pay an accountant to settle up the books of the department to turn over to Troy. Treasurer Lea reported that all bills outstanding, as well as the salaries of the employees, had been paid to date, and that the Board would turn over to Troy about $42,000. The sum remaining due on water rents is about $2,000.
In making his farewell to the Board Chairman Staley said his relations with the members of the Board and the employees of the department had been most pleasant. Treasurer Lea stated that during the term of the present Board there had been received by the department $275,000. Messrs. Comeskey and Dennin reiterated the sentiment expressed by Chairman Staley. Clerk Hanford Day, who has been in the employ of the Board for thirteen years, expressed his thanks, as did also Superintendent of Water Works Justin Golden. On motion of Mr. Dennin the Board then adjourned sine die.
Affairs of the Village Closed.

The Village Trustees of Lansingburgh held their final meeting Monday night. Reports of the various departments of the village were received, and the affairs of the village government, which went out of existence at midnight, closed. […]
On motion of Mr. Roemer the Clerk was instructed to have printed the reports received during the meeting and 250 copies distributed to officials and taxpayers. The minutes of the meeting were approved and the Board adjourned sine die.
Troy Daily Times. January 2, 1901: 4 cols 2-3. (Latest Edition)