The Adamsville Community Association existed from 1925 to at least 1929. The northern part of the former Village of Lansingburgh had been named Adamsville.


Residents of Third District of 17th Ward Get Together for Advancement of Their Section.

An enthusiastic meeting was held last night at Matthew J. Whinnery’s store on Fifth Avenue of a number of residents of the Third district of the Seventeenth Ward, for the purpose of forming a community association. Mr. Whinnery presided at the meeting as Temporary Chairman and Charles F. Nixon was Temporary Secretary. A discussion was held on a suitable name for the new association. Among those suggested was Adamsville Community Association, as at one time that particular section of Lansingburgh was known as Adamsville. Another suggestion was the Oil Mill Hill Community Association. However, no decision was reached on a name. It was put forth that the main purpose of the organization was to promote friendly relations among the residents of the section. The following committee was appointed to draw up by laws for the new organization: Charles F. Nixon, Chairman; Orville E. Bosca and Mrs. Earl D. Fay. Mr. Bosca is in charge of the publicity. Another meeting will be held next Tuesday night at Whinnery’s store at 8 o’clock.
Troy Times. November 18, 1925: 3 cols 1-3.

Received New Members.

The new members were received last night at the meeting of the Adamsville Community Association. President Matthew Whinnery presided. Mrs. Fred Clark had charge of the card party, which followed. Awards were given to Daniel Whinnery and Mrs. A. M. Hopkins. The next business session and card party will be held March 14.
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