☞ MUSICAL CONVENTION.—The annual convention of the Rensselaer County Musical Association, takes place at Lansingburgh on Tuesday of next week, commencing at 10 1/2 o’clock A. M. It will be under the immediate direction of Prof. [Ebenezer Hopkins] E. H. Frost, of Boston, who is pronounced one of the best of musical instructors. His manner of instruction is very peculiar, and affords considerable amusement to those attending conventions at which he presides, and the singing is of that character which gives satisfaction. The Association connected with this county, consists of about one hundred and fifty members, most of whom will be present and take part in the exercises of the convention, which will continue four days. The main object of this Association is the promotion of church music and the establishment of church choirs. Two concerts will be given, on Thursday and Friday evenings, at the Olivet church, in which the greater portion of the members will participate. The Convention will be held at the Baptist church.
Troy Daily Times. January 16, 1864: 3 col 3.

☞ THE MUSICAL CONVENTION at Lansingburgh, under the leadership of Prof. E. H. Frost, of Boston, has been eminently successful. The second concert, given last evening, closed the session. It is believed much good, especially to the cause of sacred music, has resulted from the drill exercises and instruction of Prof. Frost.—He maintained his high reputation, having previously conducted several conventions for the same musical organization, and seeming to grow more and more in favor with its members. The concerts have been an interesting feature, aiding not only the funds of the association, but giving pleasure and profit to all. Many of the pieces were repeated in response to the calls of the audience. Such gatherings aid largely to develop the musical talent of a community, and it is surprising how much can be accomplished in a few days. Several Trojans were present as members of the class, and various other towns in the county were represented. It is thought the next session will be held at Wynantskill. At the close of the exercises, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That the Rensselaer County Musical Association tender their sincere thanks to the Trustees of the Olivet Church, of this village, for their kindness in furnishing their church for the accommodation of the Association. Also tender their thanks to the citizens of this village for their kind hospitality in entertaining the members of the Association.
Resolved, That we recognize in Prof. E. H. Frost, the accomplished musician, the thorough and acceptable instructor and the urbane gentleman, and we heartily, and with confidence, recommend him to all musical associations as a conductor.
Troy Daily Times. January 23, 1864: 3 col 2.

—The annual convention of the Rensselaer county musical association began yesterday in Concert hall, Lansingburgh, with an attendance indicating that the event will be one of the most successful in the history of the organization. About seventy-five vocalists participated in yesterday’s exercises, and that number is expected to be increased to-day to 150. The convention will close to-morrow night.
“Personal.” Troy Daily Times. January 4, 1884: 3 col 4.

—The twenty-second annual convention at concert hall, Lansingburgh, of the Rensselaer county musical association will begin January 8 and continue four days, closing with two concerts Thursday and Friday evenings. The convention is expected to be very successful, and the event will doubtless be enjoyed by numerous lovers of music.
“Away with Care.” Troy Daily Times. January 5, 1884: 3 col 4.

Electing Officers.

At the election of officers of the Rensselaer county musical association the following were chosen:
President, Daniel Klock, jr., Troy; vice presidents, Henry E. Dennison, Berlin; J. Irving Baucus, Schaghticoke; M. L. Fancher, Lansingburgh; secretary, John Springer, Brunswick; treasurer, John C. Humphrey, Melrose; executive committee, Ezra R. Estabrook, Hoosick Falls; F. Ezra Lewis, Petersburgh; P. A. Brewster, Lansingburgh; B. O. Brewster, Schaghticoke; H. C. Hayner, Pittstown; J. H. Whyland, Poestenkill; Calvin Dater, Brunswick; W. H. Dings, Bath-on-the-Hudson; Willie Sheldon, Berlin; Frank Horton, Stephentown; Eli Wetherwax, West Sandlake; George H. Wadsworth, Valley Falls; J. H. Knight, Troy; W. A. Leonard, Hoosick Falls, and George W. Williams, Mechanicville. Local committee, P. E. Lawrence, Hoosick Falls; George E. Holmes, Hoosick Falls; Albert Brown, Hoosick; J. F. Cunningham, Valley Falls; C. E. Nichols, Petersburgh; W. W. Wright, Cambridge; John V. Hall, Bennington; Samuel H. Dater, Brunswick; G. W. Patton, Greenbush; John Bornt, Pittstown Corners; D. D. T. Daire, Berlin; Joseph Hannum, Schuylerville; C. A. Stephens, Salem; John H. Dater, Poestenkill; A. M. Peck, Sandlake; Addison Lape, West Sandlake; Joseph Gulle, Eagle Bridge; Albert Hunt, Buskirk’s Bridge; H. M. Dickson, Lansingburgh. The next summer convention will be held in Sandlake.
Troy Daily Times. February 23, 1885: 1 col 5.

EAGLE BRIDGE. — The Rensselaer County Musical Association will hold its next musical festival at the Eagle Bridge opera house December 27, 28, 29 and 30. Dr. Jules Jordan of Providence, R. I. will be the conductor.
Troy Daily Times. December 6, 1898: 2 col 5.