The undersigned, being twelve freeholders from each of the following towns of the County of Rensselaer, to wit: —Lansingburgh, Pittstown and Schaghticoke, give notice that in pursuance of the statute in such case provided, an application will be made by them and sundry other inhabitants of said towns to the Board of Supervisors of said county, at the Court House, in the City of Troy, on the 27th day of November, 1850, for a division of each of said towns and for the erection of a new town of contiguous territory, from said and by the parts taken from each of said towns.
Eleazer Larabee,   Jeremiah Clapper [(1805-1855)],
Robert Hunter,   H. [Harmon] K. Diver [(1807-1873)],
Abijah Lane,   Wm R. Browne [1816-1894)],
A. I. [Ai] Pine [(1807-1897)],   Alpha Hayner [(1820-1904)],
Lansing Snyder [(1810-1863)],   Bedford Filkins [(1800-1875)],
John A. Snyder [(abt 1800-aft 1865)],   Wooster Brookins [1778-1856)],
Daniel Fish [1794-1880)],   Leander Freeman [(1819-1904)],
Benjamin Ketcham [(abt 1800-1875)],   John M. Mott [(1806-1864)],
Henry Sheldon,   Charles T. Overacker [(1805-1850),
Isaac T. Grant [(1808-1868)],   Benjamin Sheldon [(1777-1858)],
Patrick Leonard [(abt 1814-aft 1850)],   Charles H. Shaver [(abt 1821-aft 1850)],
Humphrey Akin [(1812-1887)],   Smith Freiot [(1810-1887)],
Christopher Akin [(1805-1855)],   Sylvester Hayner [(1806-1882)],
Hamilton Filkins [(abt 1810-aft 1860)],   John Filkins,
Ormon Doty [(1778-1864)],   Jonathan Dow,
Stephen Yates [(1784-1860)],   John Weatherwax [(1794-1879)],
B. [Benjamin] B. Wool [(1801-1879)],   Harvey Pine [(1817-1907)],
Stephen Grell [(abt 1814-bef 1860)],   Peter G. Wool [(abt 1818-aft 1870?)],
Henry I. Clapper [(1792-1859)],   John E. Wool [(1784-1869)].
October 8th, 1850 o15; 6we
Troy Daily Budget. October 15, 1850: 2 col 6.

☞ TWO NEW TOWNS.—Application to the board of Supervisors will be made at the next meeting for the forming of a new town by dividing the town of Greenbush; also a new town to include a portion of Lansingburgh, Pittstown and Schaghticoke—Speigletown in Lansingburgh to be set apart to the new town, also Raymertown in Pittstown, and taking so much of Schaghticoke, as lies south of the Junction Hotel.
Lansingburgh Democrat. October 31, 1850: 2 col 6.

Board of Supervisors.

The Board adjourned at 12 o’clock on Saturday, to meet again at 2 P. M. to-day having been in session three weeks. The various committees on accounts having made their several reports, town and county accounts have been audited by the Board. Several important questions have been before the Board, none of which have as yet been finally disposed of. The Board have designated to-morrow, (Tuesday) for considering the application for the erection of a New Town from parts of Pittstown, Schaghticoke and Lansingburgh; and Wednesday for considering the question of altering the division line between the towns of Poestenkill and Sandlake. Various matters pertaining to county legislation are yet to come before the Board.
Troy Daily Whig. December 9, 1850: 2 col 3.

Judging from the signees involved, the part of Schaghticoke would have gone at least as far north as Melrose and in Pittstown would have gone at least as far east as Cooksborough. The October 31, 1850 item makes clear it would have extended further east by about three miles to include Raymertown.