The Lansingburgh Community Council (similar to the existing in the 1930s) was formed not long after the incorporation of the Lansingburgh Historical Society, and involved some of the same people.

Great For Troy
News of the formation of a Lansingburgh Community Council is great news for Troy — as good as any we’ve heard in a long time. We hope the idea of a Community Council will prove contagious, spreading to every section of the city. The Record Newspapers will be happy to assist in any way.
The stated aims of the council — area beautification, preservation of historic buildings, prevention of erosion of areas undergoing commercial expansion, suppression of vandalism and preservation through zoning actions, of the residential nature of Lansingburgh are sufficient to make the organization worthy of support. But there are other benefits equally important.
Through the Lansingburgh Community Council residents of the section will be able to express the views and needs of the community in larger matters in which the entire city and county are involved. Through the council Lansingburgh can destroy apathy and foster community pride.
Times Record. April 21, 1967: 10.