Martin Edgar Ferrill (abt 1836-1897)

Emilie C. Adams (1853-1935)

• Isabel Lusty Sim


Herman Melville (1819-1891)

Clementina Jones (1814-1900)

Mary Louise Parmelee Peebles (1833-1915)

George Tracy Marsh (1875-1945)

Carolyn Sherwin Bailey (1875-1961)


Caroline Maria Gilkey Rogers

Kate M. Dudden (abt 1825-?)

Emelene Smith Hicks (1816-1903)

Mary E. Kennedy Welch (abt 1825-1909)

Anna Carpenter Garlin Spencer (1851-1931)

Musicians, Vocalists, and Composers

• George Rodway Poulton (1828-1867)

Walter Bulkley (1828-1900)

Albert Francis Mando (1846-1912)

John B. Shirley (1860-1954)

Actors and Performers

Businesspeople and Inventors

Politicians, Philanthropists, Veterans…

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