Early Land Records in Dutch (1678-1683) Relating to Lansingburgh, Troy, and the southern part of Schaghticoke from the Albany County Hall of Records
compiled in 2009 for the Lansingburgh Historical Society
Translated and published in Jonathan Pearson, Early records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerwyck, Volume 2 (1916).

Deed from Anaemhanitt (Mohican Indian) to Robert Saunders, Dec. 30, 1678, for land known as Popgassick, and the Whale Island; book 3, page 13.

Mortgage from Gekameek and Massehaes (Mahikanders), Sept. 11, 1686 [recorded May 10, 1698] for land in Schachkook [probably in Pleasantdale, adjoining Lansingburgh on the north]; book 4, page 108.

• Contract of Sale (not executed) between Annape and Amahanet (Mahikan Indians) [undated, probably 1679-1680] relative to land north of the mill of Andreas Albertse Bradt [on the Poesten Kill] and the Piscawen Kill [near Dow Street, and adjoining the Stone Arabia Patent on the south]; book 3, p. 222.

Contract of Sale between Robert Saunders and Johannes Wendell, June 28, 1680, for land known as Stone Arabia, opposite Anthony Van Schaick’s farm, also including Whale Island; book 3, page 73.

• Deed from Robert Saunders to Pieter Piertersen Van Woggelom, May 26, 1683, for woodland and a swamp, on the south side of the Piscawen Kill [adjoining Lansingburgh on the south, south of Glen Avenue]; book 3, p. 139.

• Deed from Robert Saunders to Johannes Wendell, May 26, 1683, for the Stone Arabia Patent, including a farm, house, barn, horses, and cattle, roughly opposite the land between the second to third kill on the west side of the river [between the Piscawen Kill and the north end of Lansingburgh]; book 3, pp. 173-174, misstated as p. 179 in Pearson]