—A certificate of incorporation of the Barton camping club of Lansingburgh was filed in the county clerk’s office this morning. The purposes of the organization include gymnastics, boating, musical, literary, sporting and social amusements. There are five managers: George L. Tyler, Napoleon Bissonette, Hermann C. Berger, Charles N. Webb and William H. Meissner.
Troy Daily Times. December 1, 1887: 3 col 4.

—The Barton camping-club held its annual meeting at the Eagle hotel, Lansingburgh, last evening and elected the following for the ensuing year: President, George L. Tyler; vice president, Henry L. Gilbert; secretary, David Bradshaw; treasurer, Michael Daly. The financial condition of the club, as shown by the annual reports, is excellent. Two of the members of the club, Charles Morey and Napoleon Bissonnette, will leave Monday for the club-house on Recluse island, Lake George, and will spend two weeks hunting and fishing in that vicinity. Several other members may join them later.
“Among Our Sportsmen.” Troy Daily Times. November 7, 1889: 3 col 8.

—The Barton camping-club, the members of which reside in this city and Lansingburgh, has a valuable piece of land on Lake George. The commodious club-house is pleasantly situated at the head of the lake, and it is near the railroad-station. The recent erection of a large summer-hotel and other buildings has greatly increased the value of the club’s property.
“Among Sportsmen.” Troy Daily Times. December 19, 1889: 3 col 2.

—The Barton camping-club is making preparations for a brisk season at the quarters on Lake George. The membership of the club will be increased from ten to twelve, and the camp will be kept open from spring to fall. The members include a number of well-known sportsmen of this city and Lansingburgh.
Troy Daily Times. January 23, 1890: 3 col 6.

—John Graham of Lansingburgh has sold his interest in the Barton camping club to the other members. The club property at Lake George is now owned by nine persons.
Troy Daily Times. March 27, 1890: 3 col 2.

—The Barton camping-club held its June meeting last night at Lansingburgh. It has been decided to paint the club’s house at Bolton. Repairs will also be made this season.
“Among Sportsmen.” Troy Daily Times. June 5, 1890: 3 col 5.

—Herman Berger of Lansingburgh, a member of the Barton camping club, returned last night from the club’s camp on Lake George, with more than 100 pounds of pickerel.
Troy Daily Times. October 9, 1890: 3 col 6.

Among Sportsmen.

—During the spring the Barton camping-club will remodel its house on Lake George, near Baldwin. The second story will be enlarged.
Troy Daily Times. February 5, 1891: 3 col 7.

—Contracts have been awarded for improving the Barton camping club’s house on Lake George. The second story will be enlarged and the grounds graded. Messrs. Bissonette and Daly returned last week from the house with a number of lake-trout. They will visit Lake George next month, when the house will be opened for the season.
Troy Daily Times. May 28, 1891: 3 col 6.

—The Barton camping club held last night its June meeting, at the residence of N. Bissonnette, Lansingburgh. A committee reported that the improvement on the club-house on Lake George would be finished in about two weeks. It is one of the finest houses on the lake. The club has bought a new cedar boat twenty feet long. After the meeting last night the members enjoyed a turkey supper, given by President Bissonnette.
Troy Daily Times. June 4, 1891: 3 col 5.

—The Barton camping-club had a clam-bake at Rensselaer park yesterday.
Troy Daily Times. September 7, 1891: 3 col 4.

—The Barton camping-club presented last evening Samuel Bolton a handsome driving-whip with gold mountings and ivory hande. Secretary Henry L. Gilbert made the presentation and Mr. Bolton made an appropriate reply. A collation followed.
Troy Daily Times. September 30, 1891: 3 col 4.

—The annual meeting and election of the Barton camping club was held last night at Napoleon Bissonnette’s store, Lansingburgh. The following were elected: President, George L. Tyler; vice president, William Meissner; secretary, Edward Van Hoesen; treasurer, Samuel Bolton. The committee having in charge the improvements to the club house at Ticonderoga reported that contracts had been awarded for grading and terracing the grounds and repainting the house. Other reports showed that the financial condition of the club is excellent. A boat has been purchased, which will be fitted for a naphtha launch as soon as an engine can be secured.
“Among Sportsmen.” Troy Daily Times. November 3, 1892: 2 col 6.

—George Johnson and Edward Van Hensen, of the Camp Barton Camping Club, left to-day for Lake George on bicycles.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. May 23, 1896: 4 col 2.

Among the Societies.

—John Male of the Burden iron works became a member last evening of the Barton Camping Club, which has a fine cottage at Lake George.
Troy Daily Times.July 1, 1897: 3 col 2.

Barton Camping club, meets first Wednesday at 298 Fifth avenue, Lansingburgh: George L. Tyler, president; Frank McCabe, treasurer; Michael Daly, Fifth avenue, corner [One Hundred] Twenty-second, secretary. Election in November.
“The Clubs of Troy.” Troy Record Almanac and Year-Book for 1914. 490.