Contract between Robert Sanders and Johannes Wendel for the sale of Sanders’s farm on the east side of the Hudson river

[73] On this 28th day of June 1680 appeared before me, Robert Livingston, secretary of Albany, colony of Rensselaerswyk and Schaenhechtady, in presence of the afternamed witnesses, Robert Sanders of the one side and Johannes Wendell of the other side, who declared that in love and friendship they had agreed and contracted with each other about the purchase of his, Rot. Sander’s, farm lying on the east side of Hudson’s river, obliquely over against the farm of Antho. van Shayk, commonly called Steen Arabia,1 viz: First, Robt. Sanders acknowledges that he has sold and Johannes Wendel that he has bought of him the aforesaid farm with all its appurtenances, as well arable land, woodland as meadow land (vleylant), and also Walvissen Island,2 together with the fences, house, barn, ricks, orchard, horses, cattle, hogs, farm implements, household furniture and all that is fast by earth or nail, belonging to him, Ro: Sanders, the seller, in particular, it being well understood that whatever the present lessee has there does not belong thereto, he, Ro: Sanders, having sold only his own entire interest in the farm which he has by virtue of the conveyance and patent thereof.
The seller shall deliver the aforesaid farm to the buyer on the first of July of this year 1680 and on the last payment make a perfect conveyance and deliver up the patent thereof, with the understanding that the seller shall receive the rent for this current year to May 1681. For which farm and its appurtenances the aforesaid Johannes Wendel promises to pay to the aforenamed Robt. Sanders the number of three hundred good, merchantable beaver skins, in three payments, to wit, the first payment, a just third part, being one hundred beavers, on the first of July 1681, the second payment, a just third part, being one hundred beavers, on the first of July 1682, and the third or last payment, likewise one hundred beavers, on the first of July 1683. Wherewith the contracting parties acknowledge themselves to be content, binding herefor their respective persons and estates, real and personal, present and future, nothing excepted, submitting the same to the authority of all lords, courts, tribunals and judges. Done in Albany in presence of Mr Dirk Wessells and Mr Myndt. Harmense as witnesses hereto called, the 28th of June 1680.
Dirck Wesselsz
Meyndert Harmensz

In my presence,
RoT. Livingston, Secretary
1 Stone Arabia.
2 Walvisch, or Whale island; see p. 27.
Van Laer, A. J. F., ed. Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck. Vol. 2. Albany, NY: U. State of NY, 1916. 86-87.

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