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Remaining in the Troy Post Office, Dec. 16, 1848. Persons calling for the same will please say they are advertised. […]
Ferrill Martin Edgar
Northern Budget [Troy, NY]. December 18, 1848: 3 col 3.

Cover featuring Sleighing Scene by Martin Edgar Ferrill. The Rotarian 95(6). December 1959.

Old Troy Scene On Magazine Cover

The Rotarian, international magazine of the Rotary Club, honors old Troy [sic] and old fashioned winters on its December cover.
Reproduced is a painting done in 1873 by M. E. Ferrill of the “primitive school” of American painters and owned by the Detroit Institute of Arts. it is believed to have been painted in old Lansingburgh and its shows sleighing, probably in what is now 5th avenue. In the background are the slopes, probably where Oakwood Cemetery now is located. Ferrill painted single seater and double seater sleighs, the drivers and passengers warmly covered by buffalo robes. The horses are gallant, prancing steeds.
A Troy directory of 1874 shows that an M. E. Ferrill lived in “720 State St., Lans.” That street is now 2nd avenue.
The editor of the Rotarian said that the gay cover picture of old Troy [sic] is intended “as a greeting to all readers.”
Times Record. December 1, 1959: 13 col 8. [Lansingburgh had not yet been annexed by the City of Troy in 1873.]

“Martin Edgar Ferrill Sleighing Scene, 1873 oil on canvas.” Detroit Institute of Arts.

“Martin Edgar Ferrill.” National Gallery of Art.