Glenwood was the home and surrounding area of Titus Eddy. It still stands, now serving as offices for the Troy Housing Authority.

Titus Eddy home marked on panoramic map. Detail cropped from Wade, William, John Disturnell, and William Croome. Wade & Croome’s Panorama of the Hudson River from New York to Waterford. New York: J. Disturnell, 1847.

Russell Sage Gets Auxiliary Campus.

Times Record. September 26, 1940: 6 cols 4-5.

About three years ago, Mrs. Nash and other Eddy family descendants gave Glenwood to Russell Sage College for its athletic activities.
“Mrs. Nash, Last of Eddy Family, Dies at Residence.” Times Record. January 15, 1943: 9 col 3.

Glenwood identified as Russell Sage College Recreation Center; underneath image, rotated 90º an earlier 1903 map with outbuildings can be seen.
Detail cropped from Sanborn Fire Insurance map scanned by RPI.

King Home Project Starts Next Month

With legal negotiations involving land acquisition almost complete, actual construction of the Martin Luther King Housing Project east of Glen Avenue is expected to get under way next month.
Troy Record. August 6, 1969: 15 cols 2-3.

Glenwood identified as Martin Luther King Housing Project office. Cropped from 1953 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map scanned by RPI, though the image pasted over the old one must be from 1969 or later.

Titus Eddy mansion, Eddy’s Lane. Google Street View. July 2011.