The first congregation of Baptists, known as the First Baptist Society of Lansingburgh, was formed on the 11th of June, 1803. Daniel Seymour, Aaron B. Hinman, Francis Choate, Nathaniel Jacobs and William Spafford, were the first trustees of the association. The first church erected by the Society was a wooden building on the corner of North and John streets [corner of 114th Street and Fourth Avenue]. September 6th, 1804, the congregation purchased of Levinus Lansing the lots numbers 25 and 26 in the third division of Lansingburgh, which, on the 23d of May, 1820, were purchased by the trustees of the Lansingburgh Academy. The Society, on the first of August, 1844, purchased of John Kennedy and wife, ground on the north-west corner of Congress and Richard street [Third Avenue and 117th Street], whereon they erected a brick church edifice, afterwards known as the Olivet Church [and later as Powers Opera House]. A reorganization of the Society occurred on the 28th of July, 1858, with twenty-eight members. On the 27th of August, 1860, the following persons were elected as trustees of the John Street Baptist Church: Thomas W. Brooks, Jabez Howlet, J. G. Scollay, Warren Alger and William W. Watts. The property formerly belonging to the Second Presbyterian Church, on the east side of John street, between Richard and Elizabeth streets, was purchased, which is still held by this congregation. Of the John Street Baptist Church Rev. A. B. Whipple was the first pastor.
Weise, A. J. History of Lansingburgh. Troy, NY: William H. Young, 1877. 20-21.

The first Baptist society of Lansingburgh was formed on the 11th day of June, 1803. The first trustees were Daniel Seymour, Aaron B. Hinman, Francis Choate, Nathaniel Jacobs and William Spafford. The meeting house was erected on the corner of North and John streets [corner of 114th Street and Fourth Avenue]. A reorganization of this society was effected July 28, 1858. The present church building, on the east side of John street, between Richard and Elizabeth streets [east side of Third Avenue, between 117th and 116th Streets; in 2018 the Joy of Troy Community Seventh-day Adventist Church], formerly belonged to the Second Presbyterian church. The present pastor, the Rev. A. C. Ferguson, entered upon his ministrations over this society October 1, 1878.
Weise, Arthur J. History of the Seventeen Towns of Rensselaer County: From the Colonization of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck to the Present Time. Troy, N.Y: Francis & Tucker, 1880.

New Fuel Saving Railway Cooking Stove.—Among the many testimonials of this unrivalled Cooking Stove, we submit the following to the public:
LANSINGBURGH, Sept. 27, 1843:
To P. Low & Co:
Gents.—I have had in use in my boarding house one of your Fuel Saving Railway Stoves, for about a month, and I am happy to say that it answers every [sic] have never found one combining so great a saving of fuel, with all the requisites of cooking in so complete a manner; and I am confident in recommending it as the ne plus ultra of all Stoves, and just what every family ought to possess immediately,
Corner of State and Grove-sts.
I have one of the Fuel Saving Railway Stoves in use, and concurr [sic] in the above
334 State-st., Lansingburgh.
I have one of the Fuel Saving Railway Stoves in use, and concur with Mr. Smith and Mr. McFarland in the above. W. W. MOOR, [sic]
Pastor Baptist Church, Lansingburgh.
Lansingburgh Gazette. January 11, 1844: 1 col 3.


In this village, on Tuesday, the 21st ult., by the Rev. W. W. Moore, Mr. CHAUNCEY W. FARNHAM to Miss NANCY McMURRAY, all of this place.
In this village, on Monday afternoon last, by the Rev. W. W. Moore, Mr. LEVI BAXTER, of New York, to Miss CORNELIA SMITH, of this place.
Lansingburgh Democrat. June 12, 1844: 2 col 5.


In this village, on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. W. W. Moore, Mr. James Shook to Miss Mary Elizabeth Brooks, both of Lansingburgh.
Lansingburgh Democrat. January 4, 1845: 2 col 5.

The steeple upon the new Baptist meeting-house measures 191 feet six inches, from the top of the star to the sidewalk, and is said to be the tallest specimen of a spire this side of the city of New York. The building when completed will be an ornament to our village, as well as a credit to the building committee, under whose supervision it is erecting. Messrs. Higgins & Striker are the architects. It is to be finished in the richest style of modern architecture, and in its interior arrangements will combine all the recent improvements, in houses of public worship. There is to be a baptistry in the house, also an orchestra, &c. It will be completed in about six weeks. We are informed that some of our most liberal citizens not members of the society, have started a subscription for the purpose of purchasing a church bell to be given to the baptist church as a mark of the public approbation. Let’s have the bell.
Lansingburgh Democrat. January 11, 1845: 2 cols 1-2.

DEDICATION.—The new Baptist Church in this village was dedicated to the service of the living God, in an appropriate manner, on Tuesday of last week. The building is pleasantly located, in the business section of the town, and the style and manner of its construction reflects great credit upon the taste and judgment of the committee under whose direction this splendid edifice has been erected. It is truly an ornament to our village. The Baptist society worshipping in this house are under the pastoral charge of Rev. W. W. Moore, whose eloquence as a divine, in this community needs no commendation at our hands. To his perseverance, in a great measure, are our citizens indebted for the erection of this splendid temple. We are glad to know that the public have signified their approval of the enterprizing spirit manifested by this denomination, to such an extent that nearly all the pews in the house were rented, the first day they were offered to the public.—Success attend them.
Lansingburgh Democrat. April 19, 1845: 2 col 2.

A council convened at the call of the State Street Baptist church, in Albany, April 14, 1846, for the purpose of determining the propriety of recognizing it as a regular Baptist church of our faith and order. […]
The following were represented by their delegates: […]
1st Baptist church, Lansingburgh.—Pastor W. W. Moore, and Messrs. Brooks and Carter.
Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany. Vol. 5. Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1854. 213.

☞ Rev. Mr. Arthur [father of future United States President Chester Alan Arthur], of Schenectady, is expected to preach in the Baptist Church to-morrow.
Lansingburgh Democrat. August 29, 1846: 2 col 2.

SEVERE STORM.—A very severe storm of wind and rain passed over this village on Tuesday last, doing considerable damage. A brick dwelling, in progress of erection by Mr. James Lee, was blown down. Several chimneys in various parts of the village were blown off. About 8 o’clock in the evening the tall spire upon the new Baptist Church, yielded to the fury of the blast and came down with a tremendous crash, falling upon the roof of the building, and breaking many of the smaller rafters. It then rolled off, a mass of broken timbers and plank. The society have gone to work repairing damages, and although the roof was much damaged, we are glad to learn that the walls of the building, as well as the beautiful ornaments in the interior of the house remain uninjured.
The papers received since Tuesday, are filled with details of the disasters of the gale in other places. Much damage has been done to the shipping on the coast.
Lansingburgh Democrat. October 17, 1846: 1 col 5.

☞ What a magnificent, splendiferous, grandiloquent, and truly symmetrically proportional apex our Baptist brethren have adorned their house with! The clerk of the weather informs us that, as his branch of the business day is day work, it will not be finished until he elevates an inverted icicle upon its beautifully undulating summit.
Lansingburgh Democrat. October 21, 1847: 2 col 4.


Of Albany, is to Lecture before the Young Men’s Association THIS EVENING, at the BAPTIST CHURCH. We hope to see a large audience.
Lansingburgh Democrat. March 16, 1848: 2 col 1.

Churches in Lansingburgh,

with the names and residence of the several Ministers:
Baptist—Rev. Mr. Hughes [Charles Wesley Hewes], residence 167 John street.
Lansingburgh Democrat. December 28, 1848: 2 col 5.

☞ Rev. Mr. Hughes [sic] preached his introductory sermon, as pastor of the Baptist Church in this place, on Sunday morning last. It was a highly appropriate address, and listened to by a large audience. Lansingburgh Democrat. January 11, 1849: 2 col 3.


In this place, on Tueday, the 20th inst., by Rev. C. W. Hewes, Mr. S. WILLET DAVIS of Amsterdam, to Miss SARAH ANN BROOKS of this place.
Lansingburgh Democrat. February 22, 1849: 2 col 5.