☞ LANSINGBURGH.— […] Post No. 42 G. A. R. was organized at their new rooms last evening. It was named Post Dargen, in honor of [Francis Dargen] the gallant Lieutenant of the old Thirtieth. The following officers were elected, and will be installed next Friday evening:
Post Commander, John H. Campbell; Senior Vice Post Commander, J. W. West; Junior Vice Post Commander, Wm. Stout; Adjutant, A. Gillespie, jr.; Quartermaster, Wm. Davenport; Surgeon, W. Bolton; Chaplain, J. Vandenburg; Sergeant-Major, H. C. Noble; Quartermaster-Sergeant, M. Farrell; Officer of the Day, F. Weaver; Officer of the Guard, D. Comiskey. The Post numbers twenty-two members.
Troy Daily Times. June 1, 1870: 3 col 2.

—The quarters for the free reading room are being fitted up in Post Dargen’s old hall.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Daily Times. January 10, 1878: 3 col 4.

No mention of Post Dargen seems to have been made after 1878. Members might have later joined Post Bolton?