Justices of the Peace of Lansingburgh
(Appointed by the courts.)—
1823, Jonathan Choate, Andrew Follett, Ebenezer W. Waibridge, B. W. Horr;
1827, John Ball, B. W. Horr, Jonathan Choate;
1828, Charles Tibbet. Jacob C. Lansing;
1830, Andrew Follett, B. W. Horr;
1832, Augustus Filley.
(Elected at the annual town meetings.)—
1830, Benjamin W. Horr;
1831, Augustus Filley;
1832, Jacob C. Lansing;
1833, Marcus L. Filley, Andrew Follett;
1834, Andrew Follett;
1835, John M. Caswell, John S. Fake, Daniel Whiting;
1836, John S. Fake;
1837, Marcus L. Filley;
1838, Andrew Follett, Richard L. McDonald;
1839, Richard L. McDonald;
1840, Philipp T. Heartt, 2nd;
1841, Marcus L. Filley, Charles C. Parmelee;
1842, Stephen S. Hunt;
1843, John F. Miller; 1844, Charles C. Parmelee;
1845, Marcus L. Filley;
1846, Stephen S. Hunt;
1847, John F. Miller;
1848, Isaac Ransom, John G. Neal, Ebenezer C. Barton, John Heartt;
1849, James Dougrey;
1850, John Heartt;
1851, John V. Lansing;
1852, Isaac Ransom;
1853, Turner Barton, Chauncey W. Farnham, Marcus L. Filley;
1854, Charles J. Lansing;
1855, James W. Mills;
1856, Isaac Ransom;
1857, Daniel King
1858, Charles J. Lansing
1859, George H. Herman;
1860, Isaac Ransom;
1861, Daniel King;
1862, Charles J. Lansing;
1863, Eugene Hyatt;
1864, George H. Herman;
1865, Abel Whipple;
1866, Charles J. Lansing;
1867, Alfred Seaman;
1868, John George Neal, jr.;
1869, George H. Herman;
1870, Charles J. Lansing;
1871, Thomas C. Davenport;
1872, Alfred Seaman;
1873, George H. Herman;
1874, C. H. Denio;
1875, Thomas C. Davenport;
1876, Henry E. Hawkins;
1877, Edwin R. Smith, Robert B. Stiles;
1878, Charles J. Lansing;
1879, Robert B. Stiles;
1880, Thomas C. Davenport;
1881, Henry E. Hawkins;
1882, Charles J. Lansing;
1883. Edwin R. Smith;
1884, Robert B. Stiles;
1885, Henry B. Hawkins;
1886, George V. Gould;
1887, Edwin R. Smith;
1888, Robert B. Stiles; Isaac L. Ransom (to fill vacancy);
1889, Alfred Seaman;
1890, Henry B. Hawkins;
1891, Isaac L. Ransom;
1892, Robert B. Stiles;
1893, Edwin R. Smith [Held office until October 12, 1893, when, by order of the court, Russell Porter was declared elected for the balance of the term, and died while in office.];
1894, Henry E. Hawkins [Died in office];
1895, Andrew Meneeley; J. Charles Knudson (to fill vacancy);
1896, George B. Lucas; Louis Renhart (to fill vacancy).