The Powder Spring is marked on the 1861 and 1876 maps of the Town of Lansingburgh, south of Turner Road, near Campbell Island.

Image of Town of Lansingburgh and Batestown cropped from 1861 Map of Rensselaer County

1876 Beers maps of Lansingburgh and Speigletown. Colorized.

A Chicken Thief at Bay—He Escapes—But Abandons His Property and Plunder.

Shortly after 5 o’clock Tuesday morning, Joseph Wood and Robert C. Dater, the former a farmer residing on the Schaghticoke turnpike in North Lansingburgh, and the other a resident of old Schaghticoke, reported at the station house that they had captured a horse, wagon, harness and some 40 fowls that had been abandoned by a chicken thief near the Powder spring on the Schaghticoke turnpike about two miles north of this village.
Lansingburgh Courier. October 14, 1862: 2 col 7.

—As Game Constable Schauman was walking up the river road near the powder spring yesterday afternoon he discovered a man shooting at a wild duck. The constable warned the shooter of the law, as it is a close season.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. April 20, 1896: 4 col 3.

Powder Spring Cleared.

Through the efforts of Alderman O. E. Bosca, William Smith, John L. Davry and M. K. Maynard, the Powder Spring on the Turner farm on the River Road has been cleaned out and a pipe laid to the road. This spring was very popular at one time, but had not been used for four or five years. There is an abundance of water.
Troy Times. June 30, 1914: 13 col 3.

—In endeavoring to turn his automobile around last night on the River Road, near the Powder Spring, John Biegelman, jr., ran the car in a deep ditch alongside the road. It was necessary to send to this city for another automobile to pull the car back in the road. No one was injured. The night was so dark that Mr. Biegelman could not see. Had the accident occurred five feet further on the car would probably have been wrecked, as it would have run into a deep culvert.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. July 30, 1914: 3 col 2.