The Victory Grounds in Batestown seems to have primarily been used for early baseball games, taking its name from the Victory Base Ball Club. Its location was described as near the Bull’s Head Tavern, which was at 862 River Street – the southeast corner of River Street and Glen Avenue. The Bull’s Head Tavern was also called the North Troy Hotel, or Weir’s Hotel after its proprietor John A. Weir (1809-1884). The Victory Grounds, or some portion of it, subsequently became the Laureate Grounds.

☞ BASE BALL.—A base-ball match will take place this afternoon between the Victory Club of this city and the Vanguard Club of Cohoes, on the grounds of the former near Wier’s Course.—wickets will be pitched at 5 P. M. This is a “return match,” and a close contest is anticipated.
Troy Daily Whig. October 11, 1859: 3 col 3.

☞ BASE BALL.—Remember the match to-morrow between the first and second nine of the Victory Club, on their grounds opposite Wier’s Course, at 1 o’clock P. M.
Troy Daily Times. November 23, 1859: 3 col 4.

—The Victory Club are practicing upon their new grounds West of Wier’s course this afternoon. The annual meeting will be held at Harmony Hall to-morrow evening.
“Briefs.” Troy Daily Times. May 1, 1860: 3 col 2.

☞ MEETING OF THE WAR COMMITTEE.—The War Committee for this county, Hon. James Forsyth, Chairman, met yesterday. The lot of ground opposite Weir’s course, in Batestown, has been leased for the new regiment, and measures have been taken towards the erection of buildings for the use of recruits. L. C. Ball has been designated as temporary Quartermaster, and he will immediately enter upon the discharge of his duties. The following gentlemen have been authorized to recruit in the county:
Troy—Wm. Shaw, L. H. Stevens, Thomas F. Sheldon.
Brunswick—A. E. Lemon, S. C. Armstrong.
Schodack—Walter K. Newcomb.
Lansingburgh—Wm. H. Plum.
Troy Daily Whig. July 26, 1862: 3 col 3.

☞ BASE BALL.—The Washington and Lafayette, of this city, will play a match game of base ball to-morrow at 12 1/2 o’clock P. M., on the Victory grounds.
Troy Daily Times. November 25, 1863: 3 col 4.

☞ BASE BALL.—A base ball match will take place on Saturday afternoon of the present week, on the Victory’s grounds, between the Union of Lansingburgh and the Washington of Troy. Game to commence at 2 o’clock.
Troy Daily Times. June 8, 1864: 3 col 4.

☞ FIREMEN’S BASE BALL MATCH.—There will be a lively match, and rather a novelty in the base ball line, to-morrow afternoon, on the Victory Base Ball ground, in the form of a game between two of our steam fire companies. A nine has been selected by the Read and Rankin—the following being the players:
Arba Reed No. 1—Dauchy, Ferris, Thompson, Ford, Church, Crissey, Sheldon, Cramer, Bonesteel.
Hugh Rankin No. 2—McDonald, Hotchkin, J. Richards, Walsh, T. Richards, Morrissey, Taylor, Smith, Van Deusen.
Troy Daily Times. October 4, 1864: 3 col 2.

BASE BALL.—A match game of base ball will be played this afternoon on the Victory grounds, at Bulls’ Head, between the first nines of Co. H. 24th Regiment, and Battery B. The game will commence at precisely two o’clock, and as both nines are composed of first-class “muffs” this may be considered the grand muffin match of the season.
Troy Daily Whig. November 1, 1867: 4 col 5.

—We understand that the “Haymakers” have leased the old Victory Grounds, and the lot on the North. Work will begin immediately in fixing over the grounds and building a high fence and club house.
Troy Daily Press. April 9, 1869: 3 col 2.

—The officers of the Union base ball club have agreed to pay eleven hundred dollars for the exclusive use of the old Victory grounds in North Troy, for three years. The grounds are to be enclosed by a high fence, and sheds and seats erected. We anticipate a brilliant season for the Haymakers.
Troy Daily Whig. April 15, 1869: 3 col 1.

☞ HAYMAKER MATTERS.—On Monday, the 31st inst., the Haymaker’s new grounds will be opened by a match game with the famous Atlantics of Brooklyn. […]
The grounds of the Haymakers are being put in first class condition, a large number of laborers are at work grading and rolling the grounds. Carpenters are building two club houses, one at the north east and one at the north-west corner. A ticket office will also be located at the south-west corner. It is expected that the work will be finished by Wednesday next.
Troy Daily Whig. May 22, 1869: 3 col 3.