The Victory Base Ball Club had its home in Batestown at the Victory Grounds.

—Victory base ball club are to practice this afternoon, on their grounds in Batestown.
“Briefs.” Troy Daily Times. March 28, 1860: 3 col 2.

—Victory base ball club will retain this year the grounds occupied by them last season, and several improvements are to be made.
“Briefs.” Troy Daily Times. March 29, 1860: 3 col 2.

☞ HANDSOME SHIRTS.—The Victory Base Ball Club have just donned their uniform shirt. It is of Salisbury flannel, a pink and white plaid, and is decidedly the finest specimen of a cricket, base ball or boating shirt that has been seen in Troy.—Messrs. H. H. Hodgman & Co., No. 338 River street, the well-known artists of that line, are the “builders” of the shirts, and are entitled to a great deal of credit. In their new “rig,” the Victory boys will be complete, and will present a picturesque appearance on their matches.
Troy Daily Whig. June 2, 1860: 3 col 4.

☞ BRIEFS.—The members of Victory base ball club have just donned a very handsome uniform shirt, made for them by J. H. Hodgman & Co.
Troy Daily Times . June 9, 1860: 3 col 2.

☞ BASE BALL.—In the window of R. D. Bardwell’s store, No. 1 Troy House, may be seen the trophies won by the Victory Base Ball Club during the past year, in the form of balls presented by their vanquished opponents. These emblems have been gilded and inscribed with the particulars of each match—the time, name of opposing club and score being given. They are as follows:

Priam, Troy, Oct. 14, 1859. 11—35.
Wide Awake, Green Island, June 29, 1860. 24—59.
Champion, Albany, Oct. 26, 1859. 26—29.
Champion, Albany, July 16, 1860. 14—21.
Union, Whitehall, June 1, 1860. 10—54.
Priam, Troy, Oct. 19, 1859. 11—54.
Priam, Troy, Oct. 1, 1859. 9—25.
Vanguard, Cohoes, Oct. 11, 1859. 15—30.
Champion, Yorkville, July 4, 1860. 26—45.
Albany, of Albany, June 30, 1860. 13—42.
Beaverwyck, Albany, July 11, 1860. 14—34.

If any Club, outside the Metropolis, can make a better show than this, the Victorys would be glad to hear from them.
Troy Daily Whig. July 16, 1860: 3 col 4.


One of the principal objects of the Industrial Exhibition, viz:—the encouragement of our manufactures and mechanics would not be subserved, without the publication of a complete list of the exhibitors, whose contributions lent to the occasion so much of its success. It is with pleasure, therefore, that we give place to the report of the committee
On Manufactures.

It is quite possible that in the following list, names of exhibitors and their articles have been omitted. If so, the Committee will take pleasure in making corrections at the close of the report.

Victory Base Ball Club, Troy.—A case of nineteen trophy balls, won by the club. […]
Geo. Scott, Lansingburgh.—Case of hair brushes. […]
Newton Adams, Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Steam Cordage Works.—A variety of rope and cordage. […]
L. Chamberlain, Seventh-st., cor. Congress-st., Troy.—Four buggies and three cutters. […]
J. E. Whipple, Lansingburgh.—Specimens of oil cloth. […]
William Gibson, Lansingburgh.—Taxidermist specimens. […]
George Perry, Lansingburgh.—One farm spring wagon. […]
Troy Daily Whig. October 8, 1860: 2 cols 5-6. (Lansingburgh manufactures on the list have been included here, others excluded.)