Deed to Hotel Property.

Francis H. Wager and wife have deeded to the Tordenskjold Grove Association, Inc., the new Druid organization, the old Brunswick Hotel property on Second Avenue to be used for fraternal and social purposes. The transfer was made for “$10 and other valuable considerations.”
Troy Times. December 2, 1922: 3 col 3.

New Clubrooms of Druids.

Tordenskjold Grove, United Ancient Order of Druids, has purchased the Brunswick Hotel at 585 Second Avenue, Lansingburgh, and will take immediate possession. The building will be remodeled so as to make one of the most attractive lodges in the vicinity. The lot is 50 by 120 feet in size. The building is three stories in height. The first floor will be used for stores and the second floor will contain the dance hall. The lodge and clubrooms will be on the third floor. At a later time a bowling alley and pool room will be installed in the basement. The officers of the Grove are Noble Arch, George Jones; Vice Arch, George Rasmussen; Conductor, Peter Rasmussen; Inside Guard, Rasmus Wonsel; Outside Guard, Lars Ericksen; Treasurer, Chris Rasmussen; Financial Secretary, Andrew Hermansen; Corresponding Secretary, Louis Haskins; Chaplain, Walter Jessen.
Troy Times. December 9, 1922: 2 col 5.

Articles of incorporation of Tordenskjold Grove, Ancient Order of Druids, were approved by Supreme Court Justice Howard this morning. The incorporators are Albert Rasmussen, Rasmus Wonsel, Mads Rasmussen, Christian Rasmussen and Edward Jessen. The new Grove has acquired the old Brunswick Hotel property on Second Avenue, Lansingburgh, for meeting and social purposes. Attorney William F. Darby represented the Grove.
“City Notes.” Troy Times. December 9, 1922: 5 col 1.

TO SPEND $3,463.

Druids Remodeling Hall — Plans Being Made for Fair — Basket Picnic.

A total of $3,463 will be spent by Torkenskjold Grove on the mason, carpenter and iron construction of Druids’ Hall. The work on the hall was started yesterday. Three different construction companies will handle the affair. Work on the inside of the hall is to be done by members of the organization and is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $1,600.
The reconstruction of the building is expected to be completed some time in October, at which time a fair will be staged in order to raise funds to meet the cost of the work. At a special meeting Thursday night of committees in charge of the fair plans will be formulated for the event. The committees of last year raised $3,074. The same committees of last year were reappointed for this year and desire to double the amount of money raised the previous year.
The grove will hold a basket picnic September 7 at Peter Jensen’s farm at Center Brunswick. Automobiles will leave Druids’ Hall at 9 o’clock for the farm and also at 11 and 2 o’clock from 125th Street and Fifth Avenue.
Troy Times. August 26, 1924: 3 cols 2-3.


Grove Association Will Have Outing at Center Brunswick.

A program will be held tomorrow by Torkenskjold Grove Association at the farm of Peter Jensen, Center Brunswick. The members will leave Druids’ Hall in automobiles at 9 and 10 o’clock. There will also be transportation at 125th Street and Fifth Avenue at 10 o’clock. Louis Haskins, Matt Ericksen and Peter Jensen will have charge of the affair. They will be assisted by the officers of the organization.
Troy Times. September 6, 1924: 3 col 1.

Druids’ Activities.

A meeting of the members of Tordenskjold Grove, Order of Druids was held last evening, when plans were completed for the Christmas party to be held Friday evening. The weekly euchre parties have been discontinued until January 7. Plans are also being made for a joint minstrel and dance to be conducted together with the Mistletoe Grove, Order of Druids, in Germania Hall. Rasmus Sorensen is Chairman of the committee. Dennis Navin and George Jones were appointed as a Committee on Delinquent Members last night. Greater Troy Camp, Modern Woodmen, will meet Sunday afternoon for a rehearsal for the joint installation with the Druids, January 8.
Troy Times. December 3, 1930: 3 col 3.