Frank C. Ribley Named President of Community Association […]


Frank C. Ribley Elected President of Community Association—Discuss Establishment of Branch Library.

The annual meeting and election of officers of the Lansingburgh Community Association took place last evening at Lansingburgh High School. […]
Discussion was conducted on the establishment of a branch library in Lansingburgh, and Mr. Wiseman was named Chairman and Mr. Reynolds Vice Chairman of a committee to investigate. It was thought that the old Lansingburgh Academy building at 114th Street and Fourth Avenue, which is now used for manual training classes of the High School, might be used upon the completion of the proposed new Junior High School. At the February meeting a Program Committee will be named for the year.
Troy Times. January 26, 1934: 3 col 1.


North End School Board’s Offer of Building Accepted; Will Open in January.

A branch of the Troy Public Library will be opened early in January in Lansingburg on the second floor of the Vocational School, the former Lansingburg Academy, at 114th Street and Fourth Avenue.
A Group of citizens, meeting at the school yesterday afternoon, moved to accept an offer from the Lansingburg Board of Education for space, heat, light and janitor service for a branch library at the school. Harold McI. Grout, president of the board, formally made the offer.
According to the understanding with Troy Public Library, the branch will furnish Lansingburg people with as many more books as the number they are able to provide themselves. Announcement was made that many books will be secured through gifts but arrangements were also made to raise $1,000 for further purchases.
As the Troy Public Library lacks funds with which to provide the services of a professional librarian for the branch, such as is done at branches in Sycaway and the East Side, the group meeting yesterday will have to provide its own help. Volunteer service will be available, it was pointed out.
Mrs. J. Philip Reimherr was named head of a temporary organization to take charge of supervising the branch library. She named the following chairmen of sub-committees: O. K. Weaver, finance; Mrs. John J. Harvey, book donations; Mrs. Herman G. Folger, Parent-Teacher Associations; Neil K. White, furnishings; Mrs. Earl D. Fay, publicity.
Times Record. November 22, 1938: 11 cols 1-2.

Book Committee Meets For Quarter.

The quarterly meeting of the library committee of the Leonard Hospital was conducted yesterday at Mrs. Richard J. Hartigan’s home and members voted to donate books not in use at the hospital to the Lansingburgh Branch of the Troy Public Library.
Miss Antoinette Marchese and Mrs. Sydney Campbell are the purchasing committee for December to March and Mrs. John Comeskey and Mrs. Henry Gallien, jr., the relief committee to March.
Mrs. James C. Covert will report back for duty in January. Reports were given by Mrs. Thomas Van Allen, Mrs. Hartigan and Mrs. William Toohey, jr.
Times Record. December 13, 1938: 16 cols 8.


Solicitors Plan to Carry Drive for $1,500 Into Four Thousand Homes on Wednesday.

The campaign to raise $1,500 for a branch of the Troy Public Library in the old Vocational School at 114th Street and Fourth Avenue will be carried to 4,000 homes in Lansingburg Wednesday. Plans for the one-day drive were completed over the week-end by the committee in charge headed by O. K. Weaver.
Most of the soliciting Wednesday will be done from 5 to 8 P.m. in a house-to-house canvass.
One hundred men and women interested in the library project, enrolled as workers in the drive, have been organized into teams that will canvass by zones. Persons who will canvass, in addition to those who have already been announced, include the following, listed by zones:
Zone 1, 101st to 103rd Streets—Miss Erma M. Austin. Zone 3, 105th to 107th Streets—Mrs. Stanley C. Zellner. Zone 5, 109th to 112th Streets—Mrs. William Dwyer. Zone 6, 112 to 114th Streets—Mrs. John J. Mackrell. Zone 7, 115th to 117th Streets—Mrs. Richard J. Hartigan, Mrs. Whitney Bailey, Mrs. William G. Keenan, Mrs. John Fredericks, Miss Antoinette Marchese. Zone 9, 119th to 122nd Streets—Mrs. Murton Hughes. Zone 12, 125th Street to Northern Drive—Mrs. Homer J. Folger, Mrs. Arlin W. Ibbott, Mrs. Milo L. Matteson, Mrs. George E. Doring.
Preliminary to the campaign, 2,000 notices containing informative material on the library project were distributed today to about 2,000 pupils in the five public schools and St. Augustine’s School in Lansingburg for delivery to their parents.
A pre-campaign canvass of a selected list of persons is bringing excellent results, the committee in charge has reported. The Haskell School Parent-Teacher Association with a gift of $5 was the first donation to be received for the branch library by the committee.
Captains of the various teams that will solicit Wednesday will meet at the Lansingburg High School Friday at 7:30 p.m. to turn in their reports. A meeting of the general library committee will be held immediately following the meeting of the captains.
Times Record. January 23, 1939: 11 col 5.


Old Vocational School Site of Book Center; Committee Members Greet First Patrons.

The Troy Public Library yesterday opened a Lansingburgh branch in a room on the second floor of the former Vocational School at 114th Street and Fourth Avenue.
The new addition makes total of three branches which the library has in operation, others being located at School 16 in the East Side and at School 18 in Sycaway. As at the other branches, the readers of the Lansingburgh branch will have access to the thousands of books which the library and the other two branches possess. Likewise, the books owned by the Lansingburgh branch will be available to the readers at the main library and other branches. […]
Historic Exhibit.

On exhibit was an interesting book from the Lansingburgh family collection and loaned by Mrs. Frederick Lally. The book carried the secretary’s minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of a library organized at the old Halpin Inn in Lansingburgh in 1794.
Visitors to the branch library yesterday admired the work of the NYA youths who had painted the room and built the bookcases along the walls.
The Lansingburgh branch library will be opened Mondays and Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m.
Times Record. June 16, 1939: 16.

Lansingburg Branch Of Library To Close Tuesday, Thursday

Lansingburgh Branch of the Troy Public Library will be closed Tuesday and Thuraday. The branch will move to a rear room in its present building.
Because of the increase in student registration, the board of education has expanded its quarters, and will take over the room presently occupied by the library.
The library will be open Monday, and will reopen on Monday, Dec. 8. Normally the library is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Announcement of the closing and the moving of the quarters was made today by Miss Fanny C. Howe, librarian of the Troy Public Library.
Times Record. November 28, 1952: 18 cols 6-7.

Troy Public Library-Lansingburgh Branch.