The Camp King, Sons of Veterans organization was named for Captain Samuel King (1826-1862) who died of wounds received in the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Initial steps to organize Camp King might would appear to have begun between 1882 and 1885, but it was not formally chartered until March 1886.

—A meeting at the Veteran Association rooms will be held this evening, at which the sons of all veterans are requested to be present. Initiatory steps will be taken for the formation of an organization of Sons of Veterans.
Lansingburgh Courier. June 24, 1882: 3 col 2.

—A meeting was held at the rooms of the veterans association last Saturday evening, to organize a sons of veterans association.
“About Town.” Lansingburgh State Gazette. July 1, 1882: 3 col 1.

—The King veteran association Wednesday morning attended the funeral of John Dugan, a member of the association.
“Village Notes.” Lansingburgh Courier. June 13, 1885: 3 col 2.

The sons of veterans in Camp King will accompany Post Bolton to the Memorial service at the First Presbyterian church Sunday evening, May 30, and also to the service at Concert hall the following night.
“Notes About Town.” Lansingburgh Courier. May 22, 1886: 3 col 2.

Camp Samuel King, Sons of Veterans Tuesday night nominated the following to be supported at the election to be held December 14: Captain, George Fred Wood; first lieutenant, H. C. Longstaff, Edwin A. Bolton; second lieutenant, H. H. Snyder, George Penny; camp council, A. Augustus Roemer, George Smith.
“Notes About Town.” Lansingburgh Courier. December 4, 1886: 3 col 2.


—Camp King, Sons of Veterans, has issued to its members an order in reference to the observance of Memorial Day. The members are requested to attend the memorial service at the Third Avenue Church of Christ Sunday evening, wearing dark suits, white gloves and the badge of the order. Monday morning the members will assist Post Bolton, G. A. R., in decorating the graves of deceased soldiers in the various Upper Troy cemeteries. In the afternoon they will take part in the Memorial Day parade and exercises at Oakwood Cemetery. The members are also requested to attend the ceremonies in Music Hall in the evening.
Troy Times. May 24, 1904: 6 col 2.


Fortieth Anniversary Brings to Light Some of the Incidents That Have Happened.

The recent 40th anniversary of Camp King, Sons of Veterans, has recalled some interesting history. March 19, 1886, Camp King was organized with 15 charter members. They were: Charles H. Mason, Edwin A. Bolton, Joseph L. Hydorn, George W. Smith, Wert Van Kleeck, Henry C. Longstaff, Charles A. Roemer, Schuyler Merrill, C. W. Schofield, Lansing W. Van Voast, D. M. Oliver, Fred West, Fred Merrill, Harry E. Wood and Harry Snyder. Some of these men are dead, four are still in the camp and the others have removed to other localities. The four remaining charter members here are: Charles H. Mason, E. A. Bolton, L. W. Van Voast and Charles A. Roemer. Messrs. Vandenburgh and Roemer were the mustering officers, the first meeeting-place being in Odd Fellows Hall, the present meeting place on Second Avenue.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. March 24, 1926: 3 cols 2-3.

Six Divisions To March In Lansingburg Parade.
More than 1,000 persons are expected to take part in the 75th annual Lansingburgh Memorial Day Parade which starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow, George D. MacCulloch, chief of staff of the Veterans of Lansingburgh, Inc., announced last night. […]
Approximately 1,500 Flags were placed on the graves of Lansingburgh veterans buried in Oakwood, St. John’s and Lansingburgh Cemeteries yesterday by members of the graves decoration committee.
MacCulloch and Mackey were in charge.
The composition of the six divisions is as follows:


Louis Centanni, marshal; Lansingburgh Colors, Lansingburgh High School Band, Veterans of Lansingburgh Colors, Veterans of Lansingburgh, Pleasantdale Fire Dept., Camp King, SOns of Union Veterans, Bolton Relief Corps, Leonard Hospital Ambulance, Red Cross.

Commissioner of Boy Scouts, marshal; aides, neighborhood commissioners, Keveny Memorial Academy Band, Cub Scout Packs 8, 11, 19, 21 and 58.

Keveny Memorial Academy Drum Corps, Babe Ruth League, Lansingburgh Little League.

Troy Boys Club Band, Girl Scout Leaders, Troups 13, 64, 88, 115 and 116, Blue Birds leaders, Golden, Golden Star, Tinkerbell, Diamond Rock, Snow Flake, Whippoorwhill, Looby-Loo, Cinderella’s Coach.
Camp Fire Girls, Kihawee Camp Fire Group, Whipple Blue Birds, Diamond Rock Blue Birds, Chamayda Camp Fire Group, Tecata Camp Fire Group, Tadaclya Camp Fire Group, Humpty Dumpty Blue Birds, Daisy Blue Birds, Golden Blue Birds, Miniheka Camp Fire Group.
Fifth Division

Waterford fire chief, marshal; aides, first chief, second chief, chief, Peck Hose Co.; captain of Knickerbocker Steamer Co., captain of Ford Hose Co., captain of Kavanaugh Hook and Ladder Co., captain of Peck Hose Co., president of Waterford Rescue Squad.
CCHS colors, CCHS band, Knickerbocker Steamer Co. Auxiliary, Ford Hose Co., Ford Hose Co. Auxiliary, Kavanaugh Hook & Ladder Co., Peck Hose Co., Peck Hose Co. Auxiliary, Waterford Rescue Squad, Waterford Auxiliary Police.
Sixth Division

Chief—Speigletown Fire Co., Chief—Pleasantdale Fire Co., Captains—Speigletown Fire Co. and Pleasantdale Fire Co., Speigletown Fire Co. Drum Corps., Speigletown Fire CO., Speigletown Fire Co. Auxiliary, Waterford Rescue Squad ambulance, Waterford Fire Department—equipment, Speigletown fire equipment, Pleasantdale fire equipment, police car.
Times Record. May 29, 1961: 21 cols 5-6.