Slaughter House Hill was a name for that hill down which Cemetery Road travels.

—Boys and girls should remember that by actual statistics “Slaughter house hill” is appropriately named.
“Village Notes.” Lansingburgh Courier. January 14, 1881: 3 col 1. [The reference is to the possible dangers of sledding.]

Slaughter House Hill.

The scene presented at the head of Jay street – now familiarly known as Slaughter House hill—Saturday afternoon was one of life and excitement.
Lansingburgh Courier. February 11, 1881: 3 col 3.

At 19th [119th] Street in the Burgh was the Slaughterhouse Hill.
O’Brien, John T. A Fabulous Youth: Reminiscences of John T. O’Brien Sr. 1956. 12. Collection of Lansingburgh Historical Society.