Cream chicken and maple syrup.
Home-made ice cream and cake.
Sunset Hill, formerly Oil Mill Hill.
Tel. North 707-R.

“Where to Eat.” Troy Times. September 11, 1925: 14 col 7.

Dining Room of Willow Tea Room Oil Mill Hill, Troy, N. Y. – Route 40

The Willow Tea Room Sunset Hill On Schaghticoke Road Is Open Under Original Management of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dodd Try Willow Tea Room Waffles Willow Tea Room Chicken Dinner Willow Tea Room Home-Made French Ice Cream Phone North 1274-W

“The Willow Tea Room.” Troy Times. April 14, 1928: 4 col 6.

PROPERTY known as Willow Tea Room. Just across city line in North Troy. 1 1/2 acres of land, 9-room house including room 18×23, finished in knotty pine and hew timber. Can be used as game-room, two lavatories, brass plumbing, 4 fireplaces. Wonderful view of Hudson Valley, Route 40. Especially priced to sell. $5,800. Louis Moore, 21 State, Troy 7411 or Troy North 868.
Albany Times-Union. May 6, 1942: 27 col 6.